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  1. reconstitute
  2. apt
  3. tribute
  4. salvage
  5. blunder
  1. a a gross, stupid, or careless mistake
    SYN: gaffe
  2. b provide with a new structure
  3. c an acknowledgement of gratitude, respect, or admiration
  4. d (1) appropriate
    (2) inclined; disposed; given; prone
    (3) clever
  5. e save from ruin

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  1. serving as a means or agency
  2. distribute or scatter about; diffuse
  3. of or like a dog; pertaining to or characteristic of dogs
  4. increase at a rapid rate
  5. moving backward; having a backward motion or direction; retiring or retreating

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  1. serpent
    (1) a snake
    (2) a wily, treacherous, or malicious person


  2. cavalcade(1) a procession of people on horseback, in cars, etc
    (2) any procession


  3. serpentine
    (1) of, relating to, or resembling a serpent
    (2) twisting, winding


  4. precipitousprovide with a new structure


  5. qualifydescribe, characterize; modify


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