5.09: Document Analysis

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Questioned documents
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Questioned documents
Documents whose authenticity have come under suspicion
Making a false document, altering a genuine document, or signing a false name with the intent to defraud
Making fake currency, fake identification, or cheap imitations of pricier products
Erasure disturbs the paper fibers on the surface, which can be seen in a microscope
An ink that is similarly colored, but different from the original, can be used to change information on the document
A material can be used to cover the original ink so a forger can write new information on the covering
Trash marks
marks on counterfeited documents that are unique to the copier or apparatus used to make the illicit document
Which best describes obliteration in a forged document?
Covering the original text with a material
Which is most likely to be initially consulted about a possible forgery?
Questioned-document examiner
Which of the following could not be dated by the carbon-14 process?
Which technique can identify the ink used in a document?
Which technique can uncover writing in a charred document?
Infrared imaging