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____ media contain substances that inhibit the growth of unwanted organism while showing your microbe of interest to grow.
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How does 95% ethanol affect cells of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, respectively, during a gram stain?Gram-positive helps lock in dye, Gram-negative washes out crystal violet-iodineA medium contains 30 g K2HPO4, 20 g dextrose, and 5 g NaCl. Is this a complex or defined medium?defined medium____ media permit a visual distinction between various microorganisms.differentialWhat does LPS stand for?LipopolysacharrideWhat complex macromolecule helps from the cell wall of most bacteria?peptidoglycanName one Gram-positive and one Gram-negative microbe.Gram-negative, E.coli; Gram-postive, M.LuteusInhibits the growth of Gram-positive bacteria while using lactose to identity strong acid producers with a metallic green sheen.Eosin-methylene blue agarInhibits Gram-negative growth while using phenol red to identify acid producers with a yellow color change.Mannitol salt agarInhibits the growth of Gram-positive bacteria while using neutral red to identify colonies fermenting lactose.MacConkey agar