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ap nervous tissue Unit 2

ap nervous tissue unit 2
fundamental unit of the nervous system.
this is the cell that is stimulated & responsible for transmitting nervous impulses.
Nissl bodies
dark structures scattered throughout the cytoplasm of the neuron.
these structures are mainly RER that are responsible for protein synthesis
very thin threads that extend into the axon to support it.
synaptic knob
- located at the end of an axon
- contains the chemical neurotransmitter that will be released to carry the electrical message from the neuron to the next cell
the area that encompasses the synaptic knob, synaptic cleft and the postsynaptic membrane.
myelin sheath
- may be covering on the axons in the peripheral nervous system.
- formed by neurolemmocytes (Schwann cells).
- Fatty material that serves as insulation.
the membranous sheath of the neurolemmocyte around the axon.
nodes of ranvier
the gaps between the neurolemmocytes (schwann cells) covering each axon
sensory or afferent neurons
transmit impulses from sensory receptors to the CNS
motor or efferent neurons
transmit impulses from the CNS to the muscles or glands
found only in the CNS where they connect neuron to neuron
one of three important parts to every neuron

Processes of the neuron that receive information from other cell or stimuli & transmit the message to the cell body.
Monitor the environment, internal & external
neuroglia or glia cells
the other type of cell found in the nervous tissue
(the other is the neuron)
functions: support, nourishment & protection
Schwann cell
glia cell, found only in PNS
aka neurolemmocyte
glia cell, found only in PNS
aka Schwann cell
cell body
control center for the neuron. If cell body dies, then neuron dies
one of the three major parts of a neuron
-Process that conducts the message away from the cell body towards other cells.
Bundle of Axon in PNS
is a nerve
Bundle of Axon in CNS
is a tract