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Military assistance
What major impact did Louisiana have on World War II?
Andrew Higgins
Who designed the boats used extensively for amphibious landing in both theaters of World War II?
most able bodied men of working age were off fighting the war
Higgins industries employed many females during World War II, what caused the increase in female employment?
Abraham Lincoln
Jefferson Davis was the president of the confederacy. Who was president of the United States during the civil war?
Mardi Gras
Napoleonic Code
French Creole Architecture
Many of Louisiana's cultural traditions were initiated by the early French settlers?
Plessy v. Ferguson
Which Supreme court case established the legality of "separate but equal" policies?
The Mississippi River was vital for military protection and domestic and international trade
Why did Thomas Jefferson believe ownership of the Louisiana Territory was critical to the success of the United States?
1. Secret Treaty of Idlefonso
2.Livingston and Monroe signed a treaty to purchase Louisiana
3. The United States Senate ratified the Louisiana Purchase treaty
Know this correct sequence of events
Sugar Cane
What is a plentiful agricultural crop in Louisiana?
What is the difference in percentage of Louisiana's annual exports from 2012-2013
Placing a higher tax burden on wealthy families
providing a minimum wage for families of poverty
making and old age pension available for people over the age of 60
what programs were included in Long's "Share our Wealth" Program
Gulf of Mexico
Which body of water boarders Louisiana's southern coastline
both identify government structure as 3 branches
How are the US and Louisiana constitutions similar?
Long's Assassination in 1935
What event ended the Political struggle between Huey long and New Deal Partisans came to an end?
first African American to integrate an elementary school in Louisiana
What is Ruby Bridges best known for?
Jim Crow
Black codes were laws designated to limit the rights and freedoms of African Americans. This set of laws was also known as___________________
to keep African Americans from voting while allowing whites to do so
Why did Southern states sometimes use a grandfather clause
Gas Prices will increase because the supply for oil is low but the demand is high
a hurricane has hit the mouth of the Mississippi River, closing it to shipping traffic and stopping the import of oil. Many people who evacuated in their cars now want to return home. How does this affect the Nation's economy ?
Regulate interstate commerce
Establish a post office
coin money
What are some examples of Powers that are Delegated Powers (things only the federal government can do)?
State's Rights Doctrine
the belief that the power of the states should be greater than the power of the Federal Government is called the _________?
refusal to buy, sell, or use a product or services
Define Boycott
electoral college
Which group is responsible for casting the official vote for President of the United States?
Mississippi River
Pearl River
Sabine River
What Rivers form Natural boundaries between Louisiana and other states?
Andrew Jackson Became a national Hero
What was a direct result of the Battle of New Orleans?
Term used to describe the Reliance of Business and industry on each other in an economy
LaSalle Claims land drained by the Mississippi River and names it Louisiana

Louisiana is Transferred by France to Spain

Napoleon Sells Louisiana to the United States

Andrew Jackson leads American Troops against the British in the Battle of New Orleans
Know the chronological order of these events
Elected to Senate in 1930
Elected Railroad Commissioner 1918
Elected governor 1928
Accomplishments of Huey P Long
near Tampa Florida
Where did DeSoto begin his expedition in North America?
France did not support Louisiana due to a war in Europe
Why were requests for supplies in French Louisiana (under Iberville) ignored?
General Superintendent of Freedmen explained that African Americans were industrious and self supporting, rarely guilty of "vagrancy" charges that they were arrested (Unjustly )

fair and honest contracts between planters and laborers

northerners ready to educate freedmen
To what extent did the lives of African Americans improve after the abolition of slavery?