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#29 - Deialog

The dialogue from Uned 29 of Cwrs Sylfaenol Ceredigion. Ffred's going away on a course.
Faint o'r gloch byddi di'n ôl nos Sul?
What time will you be back Sunday night?
Marcie hanner awr wedi pump siŵr o fod
About half past five probably
Fydd amser 'da ti i alw heibio?
Will you have time to call by?
Bydd, gobeithio
Yes (I will have time), hopefully
Os na fyddwn ni'n rhy hwyr
If we're not too late
Gobeithio cewch chi amser da ar y cwrs
Hope you have a good time on the course
Dyn ni'n bownd o gael hwyl
We're bound to have fun
Paid gwneud dim byd byddi di'n difaru ei wneud!
Don't do anything you'll regret doing!
Fi? Byth!
Me? Never!