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14 terms

Wheelock's Latin: Chapter 33 Vocab

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inítium, -iī (n)
beginning, commencement
(initial, initiate, initiation)
ops, ópis (f) ópēs, ópum (pl)
help, aid
(pl) power, resources, wealth
(opulent, opulence)
cp. cōpia from con + ops
philósophus, -ī (m) or philósopha, -ae
(philosophy, philosophical)
sāl, sális (m)
salt, wit
(salad, salami, salary, salina, saline, sauce, etc.)
spéculum, -ī (n)
(speculate, speculation)
cp. spectō
quis, quid (after sī, nisi, ne, num) (indef. pron)
anyone, anything, someone, something
cp. quis? quid? quisque, quisquis, aliquid
cándidus, -a, -um
shining, bright, white; beautiful
(candescent, candid, candidate, candor, chandelier)
mérus, -a, -um
pure, undiluted
(Meredith, mere, merely)
suávis, suáve
(suave, suasion, dissuade)
-ve (conj. suffixed to a word)
cp. aut, -que
heu (interj)
ah! alas!
(a sound of grief or pain)
súbitō (adv)
(sudden, suddenness)
recúsō (1)
to refuse
(recuse, recusant)
cp. causa
trádō, -dere, didī, ditum
to give over, surrentder; hand down, transmit, teach
(tradition, traitor, treason)
cp. trāns + dō