Wheelock's Latin: Chapter 34 Vocabulary

16 terms by ncjenkin

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ánima, -ae (f)

soul, spirit
(anima, animism, animatism, animation, etc.)
cp. animal, animus

remíssiō, remissiónis (f)

letting go, release; relaxtion
remiss, remission
cp. from re + mittō

vōx, vócis (f)

voice, word
(vocal, vocalic, vocalize, vowel)
cp. vocō

adversus, -a, -um

opposite, adverse
(adversary, adversative, adversely, adversity)
cp. vertō

tális, tále

such, of such a sort
cp. quālis (of what sort, what kind of)

vae (interj) [often + dative]

alas, woe to

árbitror, arbitarī, arbitrátus sum

to judge, think
(arbiter, arbitration, arbitrary, arbitrarily)

cónor, cōnárī, cōnátus sum

to try, attempt
(conation, conative)

créscō, créscere, crévī, crétum

to increase
(crescent, crescendo, crescive, concrete, decrease, increment)

ēgrédior, égredī, ēgréssus sum

to go out
(aggression, congress, degrade, egress, egregious)

fáteor, fatérī, fássus sum

to confuess, admit
(confess, profess, profession, professor)
cp. fābula, fāma, fātum, and for, fārī, fātus sum

hórtor, hortárī, hortátus sum

to encourage, urge
(hortatory, exhort, exhortation)

lóquor, lóquī, locútus sum

to say, speak, tell
(colloquial, eloquent, soliloquy)

mólior, mōlírī, mōlítus sum

to work at, build, undertake, plan
(demolish, demolition)
cp. mōlēs

mórior, mórī, mórtuus sum
fut. act. part. moritúrus

to die
cp. mors, mortālis

náscor, náscī, nátus sum

to be born; spring forth, arise
( agnate, cognate, innate, natal, nature, naive)
cp. nāta, nātūra

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