1-5 Gas Turbine Engines

What is the location of the engine front frame?
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What provides mounting pads for accessories and bleed air ports?CasingHow are the blades attached to the compressor disks?Dovetail bulb fir-tree rootWhat direction do the compressor blades accelerate the air?rearwardWhat metals are the stator assembly vanes manufactured from?Stainless Steel Aluminum TitaniumWhat do the stator vanes do with the air they recieve from the preceeding stage of rotor blades?control the air direction for better efficiencyWhere are the Exit Guide Vanes located?The compressor exitWhat type of duct is the diffuser?Divergent DuctWhat are the 2 types of axial flow compressors?Single rotor dual rotorWhat are the advantages of the axial flow compressor?High peak efficiencies small frontal area increased pressure riseWhat are the disadvantages of the axial flow compressor?Heavy weight difficult to manufacture (expensive) high starting power reqirementsWhere is the combustion section located?Between the compressor and the turbine sectionWhat is the purpose of the combustion section?to burn the fuel/air mixture drive the turbineWhat are the components of the combustion section?Casing Chambers Ignitor plugs Fuel nozzlesWhat are 2 types of fuel nozzles?Duplex SimplexWhere is the fuel drain located?At the bottom of the combustion casingWhat is the purpose of the fuel drain?to drain residual fuel during engine shutdown or abormal startsWhat are 2 types of combustion chambers?Annular Can-annularWhat percentage of air flow supports combustion?25%What percentage of air flow is for cooling and flame control?75%Where is the turbine section located?Between the combustion section and the exaust sectionWhat is the purpose of the turbine rotor assembly?To convert velocity energy to mechanical energyWhat are the 3 types of turbine blades?Impulse type Reaction type Impulse typeWhat kind of engine are the impulse type blades used?low-thrust enginesWhat kind of engine are the reaction type blades used?medium thrust enginesWhat kind of engine are the impuse-reaction type blades used?high thrust enginesWhere is the exhaust section located?aft of the turbine sectionThe inner cone is held into place by______?struts or a combination of struts and support rodsWhat is the inner cone used to prevent?turbulenceWhy does the inner cone have small holes?for reverse airflow to cool the last stage of the turbineWhere are the struts located?Between the housing and the inner coneThe tailpipe is apart of what?The aircraft, NOT THE ENGINEWhat are the types of exhaust nozzles?Fixed area Variable areaWhat type of exhaust nozzle allows increased exhaust area during afterburner operation?Variable Area exhaust nozzleWhat type of exhaust nozzle has a convergent design with no moving parts?Fixed area exhaust nozzleThis type of exhaust nozzle is used on gas turbine engines and sub-sonic velocitiesFixed area exhaust nozzleWhere are the thermocouples located?forward,aft or between the turbine stagesHow are the thermocouples location determined?By the engine manufacturerWhat is the purpose of the thermocouples?To monitor engine operating conditions through the use of the temperature indicating systemWhere is the insulation blanket located?Between the engine and the airframeWhat is the purpose of the insulation blanket?To protect the airframe from heat damageWhere are the accessory gearboxes normally located?Near the bottom of the compressorWhat is the purpose of the accessory section?to change the compressor rotor speed to provide passages and tubing for lubrication of the accessory drive train to provide mounting pads for the engine driven accessories