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What is the mixture of egg yolk and milk or water that bakers often paint on top of sweet rolls to make them attractive and shiny?
Egg wash
Shortcake, dumplings, cobblers, and crisps are prepared by:
When adding to pie dough, water or milk should be what temperature?
40°F or colder
What is the function of fat in yeast breads?
Increases tenderness
How can the growth of yeast dough be retarded or slowed?
Leave it in a cool room.
Moist heat, or steam in the oven, will produce bread that has:
an inner softness with a hard crust.
When preparing meringue, egg whites can be whipped to the greatest volume if:
the egg whites are brought to room temperature before whipping.
Chiffon pies are based on either cooked fruit or cream filling, and include what other components?
Gelatin and meringue
What is most likely the problem with a yeast bread formula if it consistently yields a product that has too much volume?
Too little salt
Angela is preparing yeast breads for her bakery. She would like to add nuts and fruits to her basic dough recipe to create a seasonal holiday bread. What is Angela most likely going to need to do as a result of this adjustment?
Increase the rising time
If the texture or consistency of yeast bread is moist, fine, with even grain, the bread is:
high quality.
What is the best procedure to follow after baking soft white bread?
Cool on the rack, wrap, and store in a cool place.
What type of dough blends the flour more completely and is ideal for fruit pies, custard pies, cream pies, and bottom crusts?
What equipment is a freestanding metal box on wheels that is temperature- and humidity-controlled often used in a commercial bakeshop when preparing yeast breads?
Proof box
Delores is preparing a crumbly topping made from fat, sugar, and spices that will go over a baked sweet fruit dessert. What is Delores preparing?
Which type of dough incorporates up to 25% of both fat and sugar and has a soft and heavy structure?
Sweet rich dough
What is another name for hard rolls?
Dinner rolls
A thin layer of frosting should be applied to a cake before it is decorated because it will:
secure loose crumbs.
What is the proper order of kneading yeast bread dough?
Press dough with heels of hands, fold, and turn.
When baking a pie crust, to prevent edges from over browning, what should be used to cover the edges?
Aluminum foil
Which ingredient of a French baguette is a leavening agent?
Active dry yeast
A pastry chef is preparing cloverleaf rolls for dinner service. Which pan should he use?
Muffin pan
Basic pie dough is sometimes called 3-2-1 dough. This ratio refers to the weight of:
three parts flour, two parts fat, and one part water.
When baking yeast breads, a final rise will occur during the first few minutes of baking. What is this referred to as in the yeast bread process?
Oven spring