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years for Puritain Era


Puritan Belief--the ______ should rule men's lives


This re-birth of thinking was a big influence on the Puritains


this based on Adamic Covenant; idea that God is still making covenants with man

Covenant Theology

God's covenent with man today is what?

salvation through grace

Martin Luther's ___________ __ ________, he believed that church couldn't impose rules on congregations

priesthood of all believers

John Calvin's Tulip--what does the T, the most important to the Puritains, stand for

Total Depravity

Effect of Puritain essence--Man embraced the value of learning and education. The colonial press was established, publishing what as the first book?

Bay Song Book (1638)

Three Characterisitics of Puritain lit--

unadorned, (simple) useful (natural), Didactic,

Genres of Puritain lit--this was writen by people like John Smith to bring people over, monitary motivation


Genres of Puritain lit--Edwards was famous for his contribution to these


Genres of Puritain lit--Bradford wrote the most famous of these


Genres of Puritain lit--Rowlandson wrote most famous of these

Indian Captivities

Genres of Puritain lit--these are important though often not considered lit

diaries and journals

Genres of Puritain lit--the last genre includes rhyming, didactic, historic, elegies, and personal and lyrical


which type of poetry is best to characterize the Puritain period

personal and lyrical poetry

give example: rhymed statements to assist reader's memory

New England Primer

Give example: Long didactic poems

Day of Doom

Give example: funeral elegy

Upon Wedlock and Death of Children (Edwards)

year for James Town settled by John Smith and the aristocrates


year for Plymouth--Puritains led by William Bradford


year for Mass. Bay Colony with John Winthrope


Southern Renissance started where

Italy (after crusades)

did the Renissance seek to defy or depart from the Catholic church


What did the Northern Renissance add to the studies of Greek and Latin


year for Harvard being founded by Winthrope's City on a Hill (Mass Bay)


king during Plymouth's founding


king during Mass Bay Colony's founding


Neoclassics believed that __________ ruled men's lives, relying on _____ to provide proofs of God

science, nature

Neoclassics tended to believe in a __________ God, replacing the Puritain God of wrath


Religion of Neoclassics


Diesm--doublts _______ and scriptural __________-

miracles, revelation

Diesm--maintained Jesus was ___ ____

not God

Diesm--distrusted all existing what

religeous institutions

This man's theory espoused that mankind was neither good nor bad, all behavior is a result of experience


Effect of Neoclassic beliefs--Man is a __________ being who is ________ when he is living __________ with himself

reasonable, happiest reasonably

Neoclassic lit was patterened after

English writing

Neoclassic lit avoids the orante and ______


Neoclassic lit exhibited ______


Neoclassic lit was to teach and ______


greatest contribution of Neoclassic lit

Political essays and pamphlets

Neoclassics did produce ______; such as Brown's THe Power of Sympathy and Rowson's Charlotte Temptle


what genre was discouraged by Neoclassics


this genre lacked mass appeal with th eexception of Freneau and Wheatley (Neoclassics)


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