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Intro to Visual Arts Exam 3


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Bodhisattva Padmapani, Ajanta, India
-Holding a lotus--grow in mud(symbolic for human suffering)
-Cave painting
-Embodies compassiom
-Dressed as a prince: crown and pearls
-Graceful pose and serene gaze
-Suggests enlightmemt
Ge Zhichuan Moving His Dwelling
-Bottom=beginning of journey
-Can't see a clear path through landscape
The Great Wave off Shore at Kanagawa (The Great Wave)
Mt/ Fuji is in background'
Ise Jingu, Japan
-Shinto shrine
-Destroyed and then rebuilt every 23
-Simple, wood construction
-Similar to ancient rice granaries
-Pilgrimage site
Figure of Oni
-The head in this culture is the seed of divine and wisdom
Kneeling Female Figure
-Painting body white to symbolize spirituality
"Degenerate Art"
-Consider the combination of propaganda and censorship.
-What kind of art was preferred by Hitler and why?
-What course of art history did Hitler envision and how did it turn out?

-"Claustrophobic exhibit"
-Graffiti ridiculed works of art
-Art by mad men
-Hitler was rejected as an artist
-Not meant to depict natural world
-Psychological landscapes
-Soldiers expressed their experiences in the trenches in their paintings; twisted self portraits
-Berlin became capital of the international art world
-Great Depression helped Hitler and his political party rise to power
-House of German Art= Hitler's pantheon
-A celebration of racially pure men and women
-Women= either nude or mothers
-German expressionists were all against the war vs. Nazis saw war as a great accomplishment and honor
-112 were singled out as degenerate in the show but only 6 artist were actually Jewish

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