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herculean (hur kyuh LEE un, hur CUE lee un)
(adj.) tremendous in size, strength, difficulty, or effort [synonyms: mighty, powerful, massive]
bowdlerize (BOHD luh rize)
(v.) remove or change parts considered vulgar or immoral [synonyms: delete, censor, expurgate]
pandemonium (pan de MOH nee um)
(n.) utter confusion or wild uproar [synonyms: disorder, chaos, noisy confusion]
pander (PAN der)
(v.) play up to another's desires and weaknesses [synonyms: indulge, gratify, cater]
quixotic (kwik SOT ik)
(adj.) idealistic but not practical [synonyms: romantic, visionary, fanciful]
cynical (SIN ih kul)
(adj.) doubting the goodness and sincerity of human motives [synonyms: distrustful, sneering derisive]
stoical (STOH ih kul)
(adj.) indifferent to pain and pleasure [synonyms: self-controlled, imperturbable]
stigma (STIG muh)
(n.) mark of disgrace [synonyms: stain, taint]
impede (im PEED)
(v.) hinder, obstruct, slow down the process of [synonyms: block, delay, retard]
expedite (EK spuh dite)
(v.) speed up; hasten or help the accomplishment of [synonyms: accelerate, quicken, facilitate]

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