Ecology - Climate and Ecosystems

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precipitationwater droplets that become too heavy and fall from the clouds (can be in the form of snow, hail, rain)Greenhouse Effectgasses cause warm air to be trapped in the atmospheresuccessionThe gradual development of a community over timeprimary successionWhen a community grows where previously there was only barren rocksecondary successionWhen a community grows back after it has been destroyed by fire or farmingbiodiversitythe number and variety of life in an ecosystemnichethe conditions in which an organism lives, its "way of life"competitive exclusion principlestates that no two species can occupy the same nicheniche partitioningcompeting species use the environment differently in ways that help them coexistsymbiosistwo species that live closely together that are not predator and preymutualismtype of symbiosis where both species benefitcommensalismtype of symbiosis where only one member benefits but the other is not harmedparasitismtype of symbiosis where one organisms lives on or in another and causes it harmhabitatthe physical space that an organism lives