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Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare

What is Social Work according to the NASW?
The professional activity of helping individuals, groups, or communities enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and creating societal conditions favorable to this goal
What are the five themes which characterize social work in virtually any setting?
Help client groups, specific values and principles guide practice, specific techniques and skills direct how to help clients, link clients to specific services, work to promote positive legislative changes
What is social welfare and the basic dimensions of the concept?
A nation's system of programs, benefits and services that help people meet those social, economic, educational, and health needs that are fundamental to the maintenance of society/ What people get from society and how well their needs are being met
What is the relationship between social work and social welfare?
Social work is one specific profession within the social welfare network
Is social work the only profession that is involved in social welfare? Explain your answer.
Social work is the main profession that administers programs and services, but is not the only one
Residual Perspective
focuses on problems and gaps; "is the client's fault"
Institutional Perspective
society has responsibility to meet needs of people; "is not the client's fault"
Developmental Perspective
find social programs which positively impact economic development (newest approach)
What is the radicalism approach with regard to social welfare?
"start a new"
What is the conservative/liberal continuum in regards to social welfare?
Conservative - "individuals are responsible for themselves"
Minimal government involvement
Liberal - "government is responsible to provide programs"
Significant Government involvement
What is the critical thinking triple A approach?
Ask question, Asses facts, Assert conclusions or opinions