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plastic surgery of the nose is:


A follow-up effort made to an insurance company to locate the atatus of an insurance claim is called:

the ongoing availability of cash on the medical practice

cash flow is:

provide the information

What should you do if an insurance carrier request information about another insurance carrier?


A disease process that causes decreased ability to the lungs to perform their ventilatory function and can result form serveral other chronic disorders of the respiratory organs is called:

duplicate dates of service

An example of a technical error on an insurance claim is:

presented at the time of service

The first statement should be:

state insurance commissioner

If a payment problem develops with an insurance company and the company ignores claims and exceeds time limits to pay a claim, it is prudent to contact the:


Chronic laryngitis is most likely to cause which of the following:

tickler file

pending or resubmittted insurance claims may be tracked though a:

30, 60, 90, and 120 days

Accounts receivable are usually aged in time periods of:


an insurance claim with an invalid procedure code would be:


Absence of breathing is termed:

decrease in cash flow

When insurance carriers do not pay claims in a timely manner, what effect does this have on the medical practice:


Material raised form inflamed membranes of the respiratory tract is called:

all of the above

What should be done to inform a new patient of office fees and payment polices?


A respiratory condition characterized by paroxysmal dyspnea and wheezing is called:

collect the full amount

When collecting fees, your goal should always be to:

inflammation of the lungs

Pneumonia is:

the amount of air taken in and expelled from the lungs

Spirometry is:


The throat is the:


The sudden blocking of an artery by foreign material is called:


Rhinitis is inflammation of the:


Abnormal fast breathing:

statue of limitations

The maximum time during which a legal collection suit may be rendered aganist a debtor is refereed to as a:

delinquent claim

Overdue payment on an insurance claim is referred to as:


A claim on the property of another as security for a debt.


Pertaining to the windpipe

6 months

The patient registration form should be updated at least every:


Documintation from private insurance carriers sent to participating providers that companies payment and descibes the repspone to a claim is referred to be a actonym:


Normal respiration:


The unpaid balance dur from patients for services that have been rendered is called:

tickler file

A suspense or follow-up file used to track pending insurance claims is also called an:


Monitoring the activities of insurance companies and making sure that the interest of the policyholder are protected is the job of the insurance:


If inadequate payment was received form an insurance company for a complicated precedure, the insurance billing specialist should file an_____________ on behalf of the physician.

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