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serve or court side

The team who wins the toss of a coin decides to take the _________

endline server

The server must stay behind the back________. while serving the ball. After the serve, the ______ should move into her position on the court.

rally score

both teams score on serves.


Ball may hit net on serve and go over and be ______.


A team gaining the serve must rotate ________ one position before serving

carried held

The ball may not be _____ or _____


Players may not ________ the net

3 2

The ball may be played a maximum of ____ times by a team before going over the net. The same player may not touch the ball ____ time in a row.

in bounds

A ball touching the boundary line is considered ______

25 2

A team wins when it scores ____ points and has a ____ point lead: otherwise, play continues until the 2 point advantage is obtained.


At the end of each game teams exchange ends. The team who did not serve first at the beginning of the game will serve in the 2nd game and serving order continues in this manner until one team has won ____ out of 5 games.


_____ on the service is not allowed. This is not considered a hit.


The following is a list of how you can ____
a. The ball touches the floor
b. A team plays the ball more than 3 times
c. The ball is held or pushed
d. A player touches the ball 2 times in a row, except when blocking
e. A player touches the net
f. A team is out of position for the service
g. A player lands in the opponents court during play
h. The ball passes outside the vertical markers
i. The server is out of rotational order
j. The server has served incorrectly
k. The server steps into the court before the ball has left her hand

side out

a point


The volleyball court is 30 feet wide and ___ feet long.


The net for women is ____ feet 4 1/4 inches high.
Positions on the floor for PE class are

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