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A Success strategy where you imagine yourself working in your dream salon


The principles that include good character, proper conduct, moral judgement and human relations

Communication Skills

Professionals who have an easy time talking about themselves and listening to others have developed great...

Counter Productive

Talking about yourself and others at work in the salon is...

Clear thinking and Planning

The combination of exercise and recreation stimulates...


A symptom of taking on too much, which, in turn, is a symptom of faulty organizations, is...


A combination of understanding, empathy, and acceptance is called...


An unhealthy compulsion to always do things perfectly

Short-Term Goals

The two basic goal setting techniques are long term goals and...

Most-to-least important

Prioritizing means making a list of tasks to be completed in the order of...

Plan and re-examine

To stay on track with established goals, it is important to remember to...

Self Management

A well thought-out process for a career success is...

Mission Statement

An essential part of a business plan is...


The inner desire that instinctively propels you to do something is...


A talent and unlimited inner resource of ideas and solutions is...

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