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1.Preventive and supportive services are available to families to support and
strengthen family life, to promote the healthy development of children and adults, to reduce risks to children, and to help families maintain connections with community institutions such as schools, welfare, and the workplace. Depending on the type of service offered, these services may be called therapeutic, preventive, or supportive.
2.Protective services are for families who have fallen below a minimally sufficient
level of childrearing and whose children therefore suffer from abuse or neglect.
Services include investigation of the family's situation and help in improving
family life so that the children can remain safely in the home.
3. Foster care services are for families who temporarily cannot maintain a minimally sufficient childrearing environment in the home. While children are in foster care, the focus is on helping parents to improve their life situation so that children can be returned to them safely. Children may be placed with relatives, called "kinship care," in a foster family, in a group home, or in a children's institution. They are helped to cope with the separation and to adjust to their new living situation. Arranging visitation to help family members maintain connection with one another and planning for reunification as early as possible are important aspects of foster care services. 4. Adoption services are available to children in need of a new, permanent family because their biological parents have relinquished them for adoption or had their parental rights permanently terminated in court. Helping the child (if older) grieve for the loss of his or her biological family and adjust to the new family are key adoption services. Adoption services provide support to the adoptive family and the biological family.