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the direct rule of the people(demos)

Polis poleis

an independent city state

Funerary vase

a vase with a hole placed at the bottom for a libation( a liquid used as a sacrifice to a deity) so it could seep out unto the grave


the ceremonial games in which all the Greek states participated


Greek, shallow drinking cup


two-handled Greek storage jar


tall vase with two handles and a cover


a pattern made up of bands of horizontal, abstract motifs also, called the Greek key

Geometric period

the formative period of Greek art


mythological beast, half man and half horse


female monster (Medusa had a head of snakes could turn men to stone)

Archaic period

the period of Greek art from 900 to 500 BC. It was the earliest period of great vase painting and the beginning of monumental stone sculpture


a creature which is half bird and half woman

Black-figure painting

is a style in which the entire design is painted in black silhouette against the red clay. The internal design is scratched in with a needle.

Red figure painting

the reddish clay was painted with black slip (watery clay substance). The design was freely painted with a brush which made it possible to show overlapping and foreshortening


is a female figure which functions as a column


an archaic Greek sculpture of a standing female youth


an archaic Greek sculpture of standing male youth


means high city is a sacred hill on which the Parthenon was built


was an element of the Doric frieze separating two consecutive metopes and divided into three sections


a swelling in the middle of the shafts on a column


a small building set up for the safe storage of votive offerings


a triangle over the lintel in a temple


the entire structure above the columns

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