Anatomy Skeletal System

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CondyleRounded knob that articulates with another boneFacetSmooth, flat, slightly concave or convex articular surfaceRadial Abduction of ThumbMovement of the thumb away from the palm, but still in the plane of the palmPalmer Abduction of ThumbThumb abduction on a plane of 90 degrees to the palmHyperabductionRaise arm over back or front of headHyperadductionCrossing fingers, crossing anklesInversionA movement in which the soles are turned mediallyEversionA movement in which the soles are turned laterallyPlantar FlexionExtension of the foot so that the toes point downward as in standing on tiptoe (toe-off)DorsiflexionElevation of the toes as you do while swinging the foot forward to take a step (heel strike)OppositionMove the thumb to touch the tips of any of the fingersRepositionReturns to the zero positionUlnar FlexionTilts the hand toward the little fingerRadial FlexionTilts the hand toward the thumbLateral ExcursionSide-to-side movement of the mandible left or right of the zero positionMedial ExcursionMovement back to the median of the zero positionRight RotationTwisting of the waist or turning of the headLeft RotationTurning of the face or chest left or right of the forward-facing positionPronationForearm movement causing the palms to face downwardLateral FlexionTilting the head or trunk to the left or right of the midlineLateral (External) RotationTurns the bone outwardsSupinationForearm movement that turns the palm to face anteriorly or upwardRotationMovement in which a bone spins on its longitudinal axisMedial (Internal) RotationTurns the bone inwardsRetractionIs a posterior movementCircumductionOne end of an appendage remains stationary while the other end makes a circular motionAdductionMovement in the frontal plane back toward the midlineElevationA movement that raises a body part vertically in the frontal planeHyperextensionFurther extension of a joint beyond the zero positionAbductionRaise arm over back or front of headDepressionLowers a body part in the same planeProtractionAnterior movement of a body part in the transverse (horizontal) planeMeatusAn opening into a canalFlexionMovement that decreases the a joint angleSinusAn air-filled space in a boneExtensionMovement that straightens a joint and generally returns a body part to the zero positionSulcusA groove for a tendon, nerve, or blood vesselCanalA tubular passage or tunnel in a boneFissureA slit through a boneForamenA hole through a bone, usually roundFossaA shallow, broad, or elongated basinFoveaA small pit