20 terms

french revolution ch 18 sec 3

napoleon took control after ______
the overthrow of the directory.
napoleons 1st goal
-restructure government. he appointed people himself instead of having local elections (merit based)
napoleons 2nd goal
-education reform. governmnet quickly took control of the school system. lyces ------>
schools for devolping future government workers
napoleons 3rd goal
-restore finances.
-created a bank of france and required all people to pay taxes.
1802 napoleon made himself ______
-consul for life.
- people welcomed his control
napoleonic code
-unified system of law in france
- for so long french laws were confusing and contradictory.
-all men created equally
-NO freedom of
*books and plays
new bureaucracy
-positions based on ability not name or nobility
new aristocracy
-based on merit and state service
-created alot of nobles
napoleons biggest interest
building an empire
defeated _____ and _____ _____ _____
italy and austria right away
1805 invaded _____
great britian
battle of trafalgar
-english navy soundly defeated the french for good
tried beating england _____
-continential system
*ordered all europeans to stop trade w/ england
*blockade of european ports
napoleonic europe
-by 1812 NB controlled most of europe
-members of conquered countries grew a sense of Nationalism against france
-revolts spread
signal of the end of the empire
-when russions joined the movment against NB
napoleon invades _____
-w/ 6000,000 men
-burned all cities leadinf to moscow
russians come out from hiding _____
once winter sets in. destroys french
napoleon exiled
to alba italy
the _____ family took over
-but the french still wanted NB.
-he gave them a sense of pride