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The basic information processing cycle consists of
Input, processing, storage, output
Microsoft Windows XP is an example of a(n)
operating system program
Microsoft Office 2010 is an example of a(n)
application program
Internet Explorer is an example of a(n)
web browser.
Using spam to trick consumers into surrendering their personal data is called
A computer _______is potentially damaging code that affects, or infects, a computer negatively
by altering the way the computer works without the user's knowledge or permission.
True or False: The Internet began as a way for businesses to sell goods
Items that are placed in the Recycle Bin on the computer desktop can be recovered unless
empty the recycle bin
A _______ represents approximately one billion memory locations
The ________ interprets and carries out instructions that operate a computer.
central processing unit
In MLA documents, the _______ page alphabetically lists works that are directly
referenced in a MLA research paper.
Works Cited
the process of placing an item from the Clipboard into the document at the
desired location of the insertion point.
__________ offers an online Help feature for users.
MS Office 2016
True or False: Information is a collection of raw facts, figures, and symbols.
A type of computer memory that is considered "temporary" is
Megahertz is a term used to describe
Processor speed
Getting processed data out of the computer is the job of
output devices.
What is an example of secondary storage
CD-R disc
The most common output device for PCs is the
A program may be written in English statements, but the computer only reads
Binary Code
The best way to describe hardware would be
The best way to describe software would be
A unique address for a Web page is a
What does URL stand for
Uniform Resource Locator
A network that covers a large geographical area is called a
What does WAN stand for
wide area network
Items deleted from a USB flash drive are not stored in the
Recycle Bin
The files _______ and ______ can both be saved in the same folder.
Project.doc, Project.xls
The_______ feature in MS Word allows you to type continually without pressing the
Enter key at the end of each line.
Word Wrap
The default margins for MS Word 2010 documents are
1" left and right, 1" top and bottom
True or False: Default tab stops in MS Word 2010 are one right tab every ½" on the ruler.
What are the default tab stops in MS word 2010
one left tab every ½" on the ruler.
MLA documents require this line spacing
In MS Word, pressing ________moves the insertion point to the beginning of a
Ctrl + Home
________ are solid, dotted, or dashed characters that fill in the blank space between tab
tab leaders
Sarah wishes to have her name appear at the upper right corner of each page of her
document. She should create a
In MS Word 2010, the _________ provides easy access to frequently used
Quick Access Toolbar
Information that is cut or copied from an application is placed in a special area of memory
called the
When the first line of a paragraph is aligned at the left and the remaining lines are aligned
.5" indented from the left, it is called a
hanging indent
Electronic spreadsheets, such as Excel, allow the use of "What if?" questions. This is
advantageous because it allows
prediction of change
In Excel, you can apply _______formatting that appears only when the value in a cell
meets conditions that you specify.
True or False: In Excel, when copied, an absolute cell reference adjusts, while a relative cell reference does
not adjust.
In Excel, cell B3 contains the value 3; cell B4 contains the value 200; cell B5 contains the
value 3. What value will be displayed by the formula =B3+B4*B5?
In Excel, use the ____function to add together a selected range of numbers
In Excel, the value in cell B4 is 6,000,000.
The value in cell B22 is 4,500,000.
The value in cell B18 is 60,000.
The IF function =IF(B4>B22,B18,0) is assigned to cell B8. Excel displays _____in cell B8
In Excel, which tool copies formatting already applied to cells to other cells?
Format Painter
The basic unit of a worksheet into which data is entered is called a
The small black square located in the lower-right corner of the heavy border around the
active cell is called the
fill handle
Every time you enter a value into a cell in the worksheet, Excel ________ all formulas.
In Excel, to enter a number as a label, start the entry with an
In Excel, you can toggle between the formulas version and the values version of a
worksheet by pressing
Ctrl + ~
When Sue entered a formula into cell G6 and pressed Enter, she encountered ########
throughout the cell. This is the result of the formula (a value) exceeding the ______-
An ______ is located on the same worksheet as its data
embedded chart
In Excel, data displays in the active cell and the ________ as you type
Formula Bar
In the formula = A4 / B4 + C5 - D5 * E6 the _______ operation is performed first
To override the Order of Operations in a formula, use
The shortcut key(s) for making cell references absolute is
John is using a formula which contains the cell reference D17. He wishes to copy this
formula while keeping the column in D17 constant, but allowing the row to change as it is
copied. Using ___ as the cell reference will cause this to happen.
To specify an absolute cell reference in a formula, enter a _ before a column letter or row
The most basic "What-If" tool in Excel is the
Use the _______function to enter the system date into a cell in the worksheet
Using Excel to scrutinize the impact of changing values in cells that are referenced by a
formula in another cell is called
What-if analysis
In PowerPoint, a ______ is an animation effect used to progress from one slide to
the next
slide transition
In PowerPoint, the ______- view is the default view that allows you to work in three working
areas simultaneously
In PowerPoint, the way to prepare a presentation, which will guarantee that linked files and
that the PowerPoint Viewer are included when you need to transport a presentation to
another site is
Package for CD
In PowerPoint, boxes that display on the screen (in Normal View) when you create a new
slide are called
A ______ is the basic unit of a PowerPoint presentation
After an object has been selected, the mouse pointer takes on the appearance of a _____ so that the object can be moved.
Slides in a presentation should contain ______ on one slide
one idea
________- is the best view in which to rearrange slides in a presentation
Slide Sorter view
) A way to make it less likely that a linked sound file would get separated (or lost) from your
presentation would be to place both the sound file and the presentation in
the same folder
__________ include(s) special visual and sound effects applied to text or content
custom animation
The _____ states that each slide should have a maximum of seven lines, and each line
should have a maximum of seven words
7x7 rule
To be readable by the audience, no text on a slide should be smaller than
32 points
An electronic database can be compared to a manual system such as a
file cabinet
The first step in developing a database is
Field size, format, input mask, caption and validation rules are
field properties
Database creators strive to achieve data
security and integrity
If you neglect to assign a data type, Access will automatically assume that you want to
define a _____ field
In Access, to find all employees who work in either of two departments, use a(n) __query
___________would make the best primary key field
Any unique fields
What is NOT an example of a different data types in Access
When using the Query feature of MS Access, one can ask for data which matches more than
The type of field which would serve as a link to another file or site on the Internet is a
_____ field.
You have a listing of business contacts. The column containing the contacts' e-mail
addresses is an example of a
When an Access Page has been created utilizing an Access table, data can be entered into
the table directly from the
You would create a field with ______ as the data type in order to ensure
consistency, limit typographical errors, and speed up data entry
Lookup Wizard
Choose ____ as the data type if the field content will be over 255 characters
______ are simply questions, the answers to which are in the database.
Storing the same data in more than one place in a database is known as
The purpose of DBMS, such as Access, is to
What does DBMS stand for?
Database Management Software
In Access, a ______field must contain unique data or information.
Primary Key
What is not an Access data type
A database file is made up of seven different types of objects. A table, form, and reports
are examples of an object. What is NOT an example of an object
In Access, a number field must be a number that may be used for calculations.
What are not examples of this type of field?
Social Security numbers and zip codes
In Access, the name, street, city, state, zip code, telephone number, and e-mail address of
one person (collectively) would be an example of a(n)
A ____in a database object displays one record at a time.
A _______ in a database object provides a formatted way to display data (hard copy or soft
copy) from the database.
A ______ in a database object provides a structured way to retrieve data that meets certain