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Introduce bio

Agriculture, Plant and animal sciences, industrial, medicine, pharmacogenomics, forensic science, food science.
Application of Biotechnology
Ancient biotechnology, classical biotechnology, modern biotechnology.
Stages of Biotechnology
Science is meaning knowledge- is the study of nature and natural phenomena.
is a systematic to answer a scientific question. Scientific method consists of the collection of data, observation,experimentation and the formulation and testing of hypothesis.
Science method
pre formed prejudices
Subjective reasoning
result obtained using scientific method
objective reasoning
you started the car, the car doesn't start. explain on prior knowledge- question-hypothesis-experiment- observations- conclusions.
example of scientific method
condition or event that we measure, control or is under study
Independent ( manipulated) variable
condition that could change under the influence of the independent variable ( measure this)
Dependent ( responding) variable
conditions which could effect the outcome of the expt so they must be held constant between groups
Control varibles
groups subjected to the independent variable
experimental group
group not subject to the independent variable, used as measuring stick
control group
producing the same result consistently to verify result. It is therefore important to describe your experimental design in enough detail for other to perform the same experiment
The different between measured/calculated and the true value
A measure of how close experimental value is to the true value
is mathematical science pertaining to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data.
maximum-minimum, range of dispersion about mean. all the values fall in the range
arithmetic average- sum of all observations divided by the total number of observation
states that there are no differences between control and experimental groups
Null hypothesis
states that there are differences between control and experimental groups
Alternative Hypothesis
the closer it is to zero the more likely that null hypothesis is false- ex p value 0.01 means that there is one in 100 probability that the null hypothesis is true.
P value
express their result as lying between 95% confidence interval.
95% confidence