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ERU309 - Russian Christianity

before christianity, there was ____
when did russia adopt christianity?
the first female, christian, varangian ruler of Rus; travelled to constantinople and was baptized there, but her son didn't accept christianity so the country didn't adopt it
olga's and igor's son who did not want to give up paganism
olga's grandson; became christian and christianized Rus by force
the great 1054 schism
christianity split between the constantinople and rome churches; kiev went with constantinople to adopt eastern orthodoxy
olga's revenge
she pretended to be interested in marrying drevlian prince (group who killed igor) and then had emissaries sent to her buried alive, another group burnt alive, and another group slaughtered after getting them drunk at a feast
vladimir as a pagan
bastard child, cowardly, lustful, spiteful, violent
why didn't vladimir choose another religion?
didn't want to give up alcohol for islam, was offended by the arrogance of west christianity, thought the jewish god didn't really like them and actually punished them
vladimir's transformation
got rid of everything from his past life, including much of his wealth; married ana, developed charity foundations and organizations, "regained vision" after it had been lost earlier in life
where did the baptism of rus start/
where was vladimir baptized?
a wooden representation of a saint or high religious figure
why are olga and vladimir often in icons together?
they were the first prince and princess sainted
the largest contemporary christian church of russia
russian orthodox