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Functional dependencyAn expression like A->BHas-AA relationship between two entities or object that are of different logical types; For example, Student and Adviser.CoddAuthor of ACM paper defining what is now known the relational modelAttributeDescribe entitie`s characteristicsMetadataDescribe tables, columns, constraints, indexes, and so farMultivalued dependencyA condition in a relation with three or more attributes in which independent attributes appear to have relationships they do not have.ChenER Model designerDB Application ComponentsHardware, software, database, procedures, peopleCandidate keyAn attribute or group of attributes that identifies a unique row in a relation.EntityIn ER-model, representation of something that users want to trackDBMSA set of programs used to define administer, and process the database and its applicationsSurrogate KeyA system-supplied keyER patternsMultivalued attributes, Archetype/Instance, line time, for-use-byCardinalityNumber of elements allowed on each side of the relationshipTableRelation and filedeterminantThe attributes (A, B)->CDenormalizationTo intentionally create a set of table that are not in BCNF or 4NFConstraintUse to create relationships and referential integrity between tablesColumnAttributes of fieldsMaximunCardinality inside the Dimond of an ER diagramOODBMSA DBMS category that never caught on