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Granny is in bed while Doctor Harry tries to take her pulse
Granny says she is not sick and insults the guy and tells him to go
Granny feels like her bones are floating around inside her and that the Doctor looks like he is floating around
Granny isn't as well as she thinks she is
Granny says she is going to lay in bed for awhile and she closes her eyes and hears Doctor harry talking to her daughter Cornelia about her, which makes her mad
Granny thinks about her daughter and mumbles something and Cornelia asked if she needs something and Granny tells her to get lost
Granny has a lot to do the next day and she wants to get rid of a box of old love letters in the attic, she doesn't want her kids to find them after they die
Her thoughts drift to death
She is eighty years old and she is lying sick in bed
This is a good time to think about death
Granny calls for Cornelia and asks her to bring her a hot toddy, she is going to live her best life until she dies
Cornelia isn't too sure about a hot toddy and Granny thinks Cornelia is taking this as another sign that she has lost it
Granny reflects about her children, Lydia and Jimmy who both rely on her for advice
She thinks about how it would be weird to see her late husband John again
After John died, Granny started digging post holes as a job
Granny starts thinking again and she starts thinking about a memory of lighting lamps with her kids, then she says a prayer and says advice about picking fruit
Granny thinks of an image of herself in a white veil as she is putting out a wedding cake
Everything was perfect except the guy she was supposed to marry didn't show
She dwelled on how sad it was to be left at the altar
Cornelia interrupts her thoughts and asks her how she feels
Granny says the names of her other children, they are on the way
Cornelia is struggling to hold it together and she kneels down and puts her head on Granny's pillow and is crying
Granny asks her who's birthday it is and this disturbed Cornelia
Cornelia says the doctor arrived again
She says the doctor was there in the morning and it is now night
Granny is told she is going to be given a hot
Granny thinks about someone named Hapsy, who she thinks she sees them holding a baby
Granny becomes Hapsy and the baby turns into Hapsy then Hapsy melts
Cornelia asks Granny if she needs anything
Granny wants to see George the jerk who stood her up at her wedding, she is still holding a candle for him and she wants to rub it in his face about how great her life turned out
Cornelia told Granny that Father Connolly is there and his presence reminds Granny of George because he was supposed to marry them
Granny then recalls images of her children again and Hapsy was one of the daughters that died at a young age
Granny tries to communicate with them but they don't understand her
Granny thinks of George again
Father says something in latin and tickles granny's feet
Granny is offended, he is up to no good
Granny's eyes are closed bt she can sense light flashing and feel roaring
Lydia and Jimmy arrived and Granny thinks they came to watch her die but she can't die yet she has too much to do
Granny is all good cause she gets to see Hapsy again
Granny focuses on the blue light of Cornelia's lampshade which keeps getting dinner
Granny thinks another time about being jilted
Then she stretched herself and blew out the light, she died
The town informs a lot that happens to Miss Emily and the people she interacts with
The narrator of the story represents several generations of men and women from the town
The story begins at a funeral for Miss Emily Grierson
Nobody in her house for 10 years except her servant so everyone is excited to go inside
Her house is old but at one point was the best house around
The town and Emily had a special relationship ever since the town stopped billing her for taxes in 1894
The "newer generation" wasn't happy with this so they visited Miss Emily to try to get her to pay the tax debt
Miss Emily refused to acknowledge that the old arrangement might not work and she refused to pay
Leap time, 30 year before Emily vanquishes the tax office
The townspeople complained about a horrible smell coming from Emily's house
This was two years after her father died and a short time after her lover disappeared from her life
The authorities didn't want to confront her
Emily was a lady and telling her she smelled wasn't right
They sprinkled lime around the house in the dead of night and it eventually went away
Temporal leap, everyone felt sad for her when her dad died
He left her the house but no money
He spent years scaring away any suitor that might want to marry Emily
When her father died, Emily refused to admit it for three days
The town didn't think she was crazy then but thought she didn't want to let go of him yet even though he was abusive
Story doubles back, she dated a guy after her father died named Homer Barron who was a Northerner in town on a sidewalk-building project
The town didn't like the affair and brought her cousins in town to stop it
Emily was seen buying arsenic at the drugstore one day and the town thought she was going to kill herself
Town thought it was for the best because she was unmarried and was over thirty and Homer was heard saying he wasn't the marrying type
Emily went and bought a bunch of guy's items like an engraved shaving kit, a suit, a nightshirt
The town thinks they are going to get married
Homer leaves town then the cousins leave town and Homer comes back
He was seen entering her house but never seen again
Emily rarely leaves the house after that
She is only seen giving painting lessons in her parlor
Her hair is gray and she gains weight and she died in a downstairs bedroom that hasn't seen light in years
Temporal leap time, goes to where the story began at her funeral
Tobe is her servant
He lets them in and leaves by the backdoor and is never seen again
Emily is buried and the people go to the room and break in, hasn't been opened in 40 years
Corpse of Homer Barron is rotting on the bed
Dust of the pillow next to Homer is an indentation of a head and there is a long gray hair
In his first week of work, Tom Shiftlet makes a lot of progress, and teaches the younger Lucynell, a deaf-mute, to say a few words
Her mother suggests that he teach her to say, "sugarpie," and it is obvious that she hopes they will get married
He decides that he is going to make the old car run again, and the elder Lucynell agrees to give him the money he needs to fix it
The next day, he has it running, and drives it out of the garage.
That night, the elder Lucynell Crater makes explicit her offer of her daughter as a wife.
At first, Tom Shiftlet says he cannot get married because he has no money. But she argues that her daughter doesn't know the difference, and says that she will pay to paint the car by Saturday so that they can drive to the courthouse and get married. She also offers to give him money for a modest honeymoon, and he is convinced.
That Saturday, the three of them drive to the courthouse and the younger Lucynell Crater and Tom Shiftlet are married legally
Tom Shiftlet says he is unsatisfied with the wedding, since "that was just something a woman in an office did, nothing but paperwork and blood tests."
They drop the elder Lucynell Crater off at the house, and she is clearly pained to say goodbye to her daughter since they have never been separated before; however, she expects to see them again after two days
After driving one hundred miles, Tom Shiftlet stops at The Hot Spot, a restaurant.
Lucynell promptly falls asleep on the counter. He buys her a plate of food and tells the boy working at the counter to give it to her when she wakes up; he explains that she is a hitchhiker and that he can't wait since he has to make it to Tuscaloosa
As he drives away, he sees the occasional sign reading, "Drive carefully. The life you save may be your own."
Soon, he picks up a boy wearing overalls who is hitchhiking with a suitcase
Tom Shiftlet begins to talk to the boy, who is unresponsive at first. He talks about his mother, whom he praises as "the best old mother in the world," and muses that the worst day of his life was when he left her. This is clearly making the boy uncomfortable.
As Tom Shiftlet begins to tear up from talking about his angelic mother, the hitchhiking boy tells him, "You go to the devil! My old woman is a flea bag and yours is a stinking polecat!" and throws himself from the passenger door. A storm cloud descends and it starts to rain as Tom Shiftlet continues to drive toward Mobile.
Danforth and Hawthorne meet in a jail cell and discuss their concerns with Parris' erratic behavior and Hale's return to Salem.
Parris joins them and reveals that Hale is advising the prisoners to confess.
Parris also reveals that Abigail ran away with his life's savings, most likely because of the rising societal discontent with the court's activities.
Both Parris and Hale beg Danforth to either pardon the prisoners or postpone the hangings until confessions are obtained because Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor still have such good reputations, and their executions could cause an uprising.
Danforth refuses because he's already executed other prisoners accused of the same crimes, and he doesn't want to look weak.
They decide to bring in Elizabeth Proctor so she can talk to John and hopefully convince him to confess before he is sent to the gallows.
John and Elizabeth discuss this decision, and John is leaning towards confessing because he doesn't feel he's worthy of martyrdom.
Elizabeth tells him he has to make his own choice.
John begins to confess, but he falters when he is ordered to sign his name to the confession and learns that it will be displayed publicly.
He tears up the confession and decides he will go to his death rather than permanently ruin his reputation and sacrifice the only integrity he has left.
The officials try to convince Elizabeth to stop him, but she refuses because she recognizes this is the only way John can end his feelings of self-hatred.
John and Rebecca Nurse are led to the gallows to be executed.