Executive Branch test

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How does someone become a member of the presidents cabinet?
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How does someone become a member of the presidents cabinet?
they get appointed by the president and approved by senate
How many executive departments exist within the the executive branch?
three requirements to become president.
must be 35 years or older, must be a 14 year us citizen, born in the U.S
How often do a president and his cabinet meet to discuss key national issues?
once or twice a month
how does the government determine the number of a states electoral votes?
add the number of a states senators and representatives
how many electoral votes does SC offer during a presidential election? why this number?
9 electoral votes (7 reps + 2 senators)
what is the presidents yearly income? v-p yearly income?
presidents yearly income is 400,000 and Vice presidents yearly income is 208,000.
what is the needed amount of electoral votes to win a presidential` election
22nd amendment
president can only serve two, four year terms max.
25th amendment
establish order of presidential succession
how many yeas is in a single presidential term?4What happens if a presidential candidate does not achieve the required number of electoral votes during an election?election is decided by the house of reps. each state casts one votewho is fourth in line to inherit the presidency ?secretary of statewhen do presidential elections occur?Tuesday after the first Monday in November every 4 yearslist two formal duties of the V-P.president officer of the U.S. senate, determine president disabilitywhat executive office was formed shortly after the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001?department of homeland securityhow were presidents and V-Ps chosen during our nation's early years?candidate with most votes became president, second most votes became Vice president.contrast electoral votes/ popular votesstate votes- congressional rep. polarities- individual votes.12th amendmentestablished the current format of how we elect presidents and vice presidents.what part of the constitution addresses the power, limitation, etc of the executive branch?article 2