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Jovial Friars

Catalano and Loderingo are members of this group


the first hypocrite that Dante talks to; explains who Caiaphas is


the other hypocrite that Dante talks to


crucified on the ground in the sixth bolge; came up with the idea to crucify Jesus alone

Vanni Fucci

a thief that stole holy relics from the Church; makes a prophesy to Dante about his exile and then blasphemes against God


a centaur covered in snakes who stole cattle from Hercules; wants to punish Vanni Fucci


a serpent with six legs that pounces on a man who called him and savages the man's face with its jaws


the man that is pounced on by Ciafna and consequently becomes melded with him


a snake pierces him through the navel and then they swap shapes

Puccio Sciancato

the only thief that does not undergo a horrible transformation


the snake that bites Buoso and swaps shapes with him


a rival city that Dante wants to destroy Florence

Ulysses and Diomedes

two sinners punished together for being fraudulent counselors because they were responsible for the Trojan horse


the "larger horn" in the forked flame of the 8th bolge; travels to the boundaries of the known world

Mount Purgatory

place that Ulysses and his crew get to before his death


Guido de Montefeltro's city, ravaged by warfare

Guido de Montefeltro

an ex-soldier turned Franciscan friar who got put into Hell by the trickery of Pope Boniface VIII


a schismatic who opens his chest for Dante to see


face split in half for diving the Muslims into the Sunnis and the Shiites

Fra Dolcino

Mohammed tells Dante to warn this guy

Pier da Medicina

throat slit and uses the slit like a mouth; asks Dante to remember him and to warn a couple friends about a coup


convinced Caesar to betray his friend Pompey and invade the city of Rome; tongue is cut in half


contributed to the strife between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines; has his hands chopped off; runs away after Dante tells him he brought death to his own family

Bertran de Born

carries his head in his arms; turned Prince Henry against his Father, King Henry II

Geri del Bello

Dante's relative who was atop a bridge pointing at Dante and screaming curses; killed in a feud between the Alighieris and the Sachettis and not yet revenged


alchemist who was burned for telling the Bishop of Siena he could make his son fly


alchemist renowned for creating credible imitations of precious metals; makes fun of the Sienese despite being from Siena


beautiful Theban princess who was impregnated by Jupiter


Semele's brother-in-law who is driven insane by Juno and kills one of his sons


Athamas' wife who commits double suicide rather than being killed by her husband

Queen Hecuba

goes wild and howls after seeing her daughter sacrificed and her son murdered

Gianni Schicchi

bites Capocchio on the neck and howls like a dog


runs up with Gianni Schicchi; fell in love with her father and impersonated another women to sleep with him


twisted in the shape of a lute and afflicted with dropsy, which makes him constantly crave a drink of water

Guido Alessandro

Adam looks to get revenge on this guy who convinced him to counterfeit coins

Potiphar's wife

falsely accused Joseph of raping her; smokes like hands in the winter


a Greek tricked by the Trojans to take the horse inside their walls; slaps Master Adam on the belly and then is slapped back


a giant who is the King of Babylon; punished for the Tower of Babylon by being deprived of his own language so that no one can understand him


a giant who is in restraints as punishment for taking up arms against the Gods; causes an earthquake as Dante passes him


another giant who challenged the gods; Dante asks Virgil when they will see him


the giant who takes them to the bottom of Hell


the portion of the 9th circle devoted to traitors to kin


the portion of the 9th circle devoted to traitors of homeland or party


the portion of the 9th circle devoted to traitors against guests


the portion of the 9th circle devoted to traitors against benefactors


frozen lake at the bottom of Hell

Bisenzio brothers

two brothers that butt heads; killed each other over politics


killed his father King Arthur


killed his cousin and is punished in the 9th circle

Sassol Mascheroni

killed a relative; his head blocks Camiscione dei Pazzi's view

Camiscione dei Pazzi

Ghibelline who killed a kinsman for political powers


kicked in the head by Dante and refuses to tell Dante who he is, so Dante pulls out his hair

Count Ugolino

eating Archbishop Ruggieri, who betrayed him by locking him in a tower with his four sons; he eats his sons

Eagles Tower

the tower Ugolino is locked in; later renamed Hunger Tower


one of Ugolino's sons who volunteers to be eaten


another of Ugolino's sons who begs Ugolina to help him before dying

Fra Alberigo

invited relatives over for dinner and then had them assassinated; his soul is in Hell while his body is still on Earth

Branca Doria

a demon possesses him on earth while his soul lives in Hell


Large monster with 3 heads (red, yellow, black), large wings, and six crying eyes; in each of his mouths he feeds on a traitor of benefactors

Judas Iscariot

being chewed on in Lucifer's central mouth; clawing at the air in agony because his back is stripped of skin

Brutus and Cassius

the other two traitors being gnawed on by Lucifer; betrayed Caesar


the trickling stream that Dante and Virgil follow into the surface world after climbing up/down Lucifer

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