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Jovial Friars

Catalano and Loderingo are members of this group


the first hypocrite that Dante talks to; explains who Caiaphas is


the other hypocrite that Dante talks to


crucified on the ground in the sixth bolge; came up with the idea to crucify Jesus alone

Vanni Fucci

a thief that stole holy relics from the Church; makes a prophesy to Dante about his exile and then blasphemes against God


a centaur covered in snakes who stole cattle from Hercules; wants to punish Vanni Fucci


a serpent with six legs that pounces on a man who called him and savages the man's face with its jaws


the man that is pounced on by Ciafna and consequently becomes melded with him


a snake pierces him through the navel and then they swap shapes

Puccio Sciancato

the only thief that does not undergo a horrible transformation

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