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the snake that bites Buoso and swaps shapes with him


a rival city that Dante wants to destroy Florence

Ulysses and Diomedes

two sinners punished together for being fraudulent counselors because they were responsible for the Trojan horse


the "larger horn" in the forked flame of the 8th bolge; travels to the boundaries of the known world

Mount Purgatory

place that Ulysses and his crew get to before his death


Guido de Montefeltro's city, ravaged by warfare

Guido de Montefeltro

an ex-soldier turned Franciscan friar who got put into Hell by the trickery of Pope Boniface VIII


a schismatic who opens his chest for Dante to see


face split in half for diving the Muslims into the Sunnis and the Shiites

Fra Dolcino

Mohammed tells Dante to warn this guy

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