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Pier da Medicina
throat slit and uses the slit like a mouth; asks Dante to remember him and to warn a couple friends about a coup
convinced Caesar to betray his friend Pompey and invade the city of Rome; tongue is cut in half
contributed to the strife between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines; has his hands chopped off; runs away after Dante tells him he brought death to his own family
Bertran de Born
carries his head in his arms; turned Prince Henry against his Father, King Henry II
Geri del Bello
Dante's relative who was atop a bridge pointing at Dante and screaming curses; killed in a feud between the Alighieris and the Sachettis and not yet revenged
alchemist who was burned for telling the Bishop of Siena he could make his son fly
alchemist renowned for creating credible imitations of precious metals; makes fun of the Sienese despite being from Siena
beautiful Theban princess who was impregnated by Jupiter
Semele's brother-in-law who is driven insane by Juno and kills one of his sons
Athamas' wife who commits double suicide rather than being killed by her husband