Queen Hecuba
goes wild and howls after seeing her daughter sacrificed and her son murdered
Gianni Schicchi
bites Capocchio on the neck and howls like a dog
runs up with Gianni Schicchi; fell in love with her father and impersonated another women to sleep with him
twisted in the shape of a lute and afflicted with dropsy, which makes him constantly crave a drink of water
Guido Alessandro
Adam looks to get revenge on this guy who convinced him to counterfeit coins
Potiphar's wife
falsely accused Joseph of raping her; smokes like hands in the winter
a Greek tricked by the Trojans to take the horse inside their walls; slaps Master Adam on the belly and then is slapped back
a giant who is the King of Babylon; punished for the Tower of Babylon by being deprived of his own language so that no one can understand him
a giant who is in restraints as punishment for taking up arms against the Gods; causes an earthquake as Dante passes him
another giant who challenged the gods; Dante asks Virgil when they will see him