Count Ugolino
eating Archbishop Ruggieri, who betrayed him by locking him in a tower with his four sons; he eats his sons
Eagles Tower
the tower Ugolino is locked in; later renamed Hunger Tower
one of Ugolino's sons who volunteers to be eaten
another of Ugolino's sons who begs Ugolina to help him before dying
Fra Alberigo
invited relatives over for dinner and then had them assassinated; his soul is in Hell while his body is still on Earth
Branca Doria
a demon possesses him on earth while his soul lives in Hell
Large monster with 3 heads (red, yellow, black), large wings, and six crying eyes; in each of his mouths he feeds on a traitor of benefactors
Judas Iscariot
being chewed on in Lucifer's central mouth; clawing at the air in agony because his back is stripped of skin
Brutus and Cassius
the other two traitors being gnawed on by Lucifer; betrayed Caesar
the trickling stream that Dante and Virgil follow into the surface world after climbing up/down Lucifer