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Medical offices

Privately owned facilities that provide a variety of health care services


Federal government program providing health care services to persons 65 years and older


Health insurance policy that helps pay expenses not covered by medicare

Mental health

Care of patients who have mental disorders and diseases


Involved in research on disease

Non-profit agencies

Supported by donations, fundraisers, and grants

Occupational and Safety Health Administration

establishes and enforces standards that protect workers from job related injuries and illnesses

Optical Center

Provide vision examinations and provide various types of eye wear.

Organizational Structure

outline of authority and responsibility for an organization


type of managed healthcare


process of helping patients with physical or mental disabilities regain maximum self care and function

School Health Services

services for students in schools and colleges who require emergency care or care for certain illnesses


program that provides care for military families both those of active duty and those who are retired


national agency dealing with health problems in the United States

Volunteer agencies

Agencies supported by donations and grants


International agency sponsored by the United Nations


Government program that provides medical care for people whose income are below a certain level

Workers' compensation

Payment and care provided to an individual who is injured on the job

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