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Extreme SW GA; 1526, 1633-1704; James Moore burned down all spanish towns, scattered the tribe, took a minor group and settled near Augusta (1704-1715); spoke Apalachee (Muskogee language family)


SW GA, junction of flint/chattahoochee River; 1680s, moved upstream to Columbus area (Muskogee area) in order to get away from Spanish trading pressures; possibly spoke Hitchiti, occupied part of Creek Confederacy, founding group; small group moved near Savannah River to set up trade town


SW GA; Lower Flint River; 1639; spanish mission established in 1674; chatot rebelled against the spanish a year later (1675), conquered by Spanish militia, some fled west


spoke cherokee; (1675) moved from NC to NE GA (Stephens Co) until 18th century; all towns were burned by 1776, immigrated to NW GA (much conflict between cherokee and creek)


spoke Coosawatee; showed up in Macon (1718); immigrated to join Creek Confederacy; some may have moved further south


NE MS natives; very short period (1725-1770); established a town near Savannah Valley to trade with English


Coosawatee River between Mountains and Ridge & Valley; visited by De Soto & De Luna (1566); eventually disappeared to AL




natives of islands off central GA coast; spanish christianized the tribe and worked them to death by 1680


1715 in Macon area; Yamasee War of 1717- moved to Confederacy, stayed put until 1830


one of two main muskogee peoples, head of white moiety


"Place of the Skunk", just below milledgeville; 1690-1715 near Oconee River; moved back and rejoined Confederacy; spoke Muskogee


Macon area 1700; spoke Hitchiti, joined Confederacy;


until 1720s occupied the Flint River Area (Albany); spoke Hitchiti; 1730s joined the confederacy


1680 in W GA; spoke Hitchiti; clan compound- surviving together, must find mates from other tribes


N. KY; group came in 1681 to set up trading town near Savannah Valley; came to wipe out Westo


town in confederacy named after this group by 1800s; chances are the Tama people were present in Oconee RIver area; set up province in middle GA (central Oconee Valley); after 1640, moved to Tallahassee area, then to Creek Confederacy


South Central Fl; 1630-1640 were nearly gone due to disease and overwork from producing food for spanish


Yamassee war (1715) against English traders, played lead role in the war, lived at the mouth of the Savannah River; Oglethorpe was met by Yamassee, Tomachichi (chief); 1717 moved to Confederacy, moved back to SV ahead of Oglethorpe just long enough to claim the land and say that he had to trade them goods for it, by 1740, they were all back at the confederacy


originally from E TN, by 1660s settled in Savannah Valley; Westo came into the picture at this time in the area; 1730 moved to Effingham Co, then moved to the Oconee Area, then to Flint R area, then to Confederacy. (until 1830s); spoke completely different language than Hitchiti or Muskogee, stood out due to the language seclusion- very private, intimate tribe within the CC


one town in Okefenokee Swamp (late 1600s); very little known

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