Religion morality chapters 6-7

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What is the best place to raise children well?
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What are some of the qualities of Christ that parents and children should imitate?His affection, kindness, and spirit of serviceWhat is the extent of a persons duty toward authority according to the 4th commandment?The persons obligation to authority extends from parents to stemmed family to elders and ancestors to teachers, employers, leaders, and our civil governorsWhat does the 4th commandment promise children who honor their parents ?The 4th commandment promises blessings on children who honor their parents throughout their entire livesWhy are children forever in their parents debt?No matter how grateful, children can never repay their parents for the gift of life and upbringingHow should ones children be treated?Each child is a gift from god redeemed by Jesus Christ and must be treated by parents as suchHow is the 4th commandment a two way street between children and parents?Parents have a duty of care toward their children, and children have duty of obedience toward their parentsWhat are 3 principal aspects of Christian parenting?They are fairness/understanding, discipline, and instruction in the faithWhat is the message of the phrase, "Do not provoke your children to anger"?Parents must try to earn and maintain the respect of their childrenWhat does god promise those who obey the 4th commandment?He promises many blessingsWhat is the idea behind children truly loving their parents ?It is gratitude: children can never repay their parents for the gift of life and for their upbringingAccording to Sirach, what is the origin of the hierarchy within the family, in which children are "below" their parents?God is it's origin. "The lord honored the father above the children, and he confirmed the right of the mother over her sons"What is the relationship between good discipline and love?Parents who love their children discipline themWhat can parents instill in their children through discipline?Good use of freedom, self control, and a sense of responsibility can be instilledHow does discipline look to the person who successfully receives it?It is recognized as a good thing because it makes one righteousWhat vices can result from lack of parental discipline?Insensitivity to the needs of others, habitual laziness, and idleness, and an inability to fulfill reasonable tasks can resultWhy do parents not have absolute authority over their children?Although children are entrusted to the care of their parents, they belong to god and deserve to be treated as his childrenWhat is the limit to parents authority over their children regarding living the faith?Parents may not force a particular vocation on their children, for example, over whether to become a priest or to marryWhy are children to obey their parents ?According to the 4th commandment, children are obliged to obey their parents, regardless of whether their father and mother are good role modelsWhat is the importance of the good example of parents ?Parents effectively direct and guide their children not only by verbal command, but also by their good exampleWhat is the demand of charity toward members of the extended family?Families also have the duty to love the members of the extended familyHow does marital fidelity affect children's respect for authority?Marital fidelity cultivates and facilitates in ones children respect and obedience toward god, the parents, and all other authorityWhat is filial piety?Respect for ones parentsWhere does respect for parents originate?It flows from the gratitude of a child for all his or her parents have given him or herWhy should students obey their teachers?The students parents have entrusted their children to the teachers; therefore, teachers share in the parents authorityWhen does a child not have to obey a parent?When a child is convinced in conscience that it would be morally wrong to obey a particular instruction or command, the child should not obeyWhy should children obey a parent who has character flaws?The authority of a parent comes from god, not from the parents degree of moral perfectionHow should children treat their parents, even if they grow old and senile?Children should help their parents and never cause them grief or despise themWhy should we obey authority?It is the will of god that Christians obey those in rightful authority, their representatives, and the laws of the stateWhat is the relationship between the fundamental rights of the person and public authority?Public authority is obliged to respect the fundamental rights of the human person, as well as to guarantee the conditions that make the exercise of these rights possibleWhat is the principle of subsidiarity?The principle that should guide relations in society. A lower authority must not be interfered with by a higher authority without necessity. When a higher authority does intervene, it should be for the legitimate common goodWhat is the purpose of authority?Authority exists to serve the individual and the common goodWhy is it legitimate for authority to possess power?Authority has power so that it can serve the individual and the common goodWhat does it mean to say that public authority is obliged to respect the fundamental rights of the human person as well as to guarantee the conditions that make the exercise of these rights possible?It means that public authority must protect human rights. Extension: a right is the right to life, a public authority should not pass laws that take away this fundamental rightWhat is the principle of subsidiarityThe principle of subsidiarity maintains that a higher authority must not interfere with a lower authority without necessity. Extension: higher authority should support the lower authority to helpWhat makes human life sacred?Every person has been created in the image and likeness of god. Every human life is sacred and must be protected and nurturedWhat is the main thrust of the 5th commandment?We have the absolute duty to respect, defend, and protect human lifeWhat is scandal? When does it become grave?It is an attitude or behavior that leads another to do evil. It becomes grave when it leads others to mortal sinWhat does "you shall not kill" essentially mean?It means that killing an innocent person is a flagrant violation of natural law and therefore, a most grievous sinWhat is the positive side of the command not to kill?It affirms the dignity of the human personWhy do those in authority have a special obligation to avoid scandal?Those who by nature or office are obliged to teach, educate, lead, or govern others have a greater influence on people than others doWhat are some ways teenagers cause scandal to others?Any bad behavior provides a bad example that others may imitate. More specifically, recommending music or videos with immoral content can scandalize others. Immodest fashions can lead others into impurityEpicureanism-An ancient but ever recurring philosophy that holds that pleasure is the highest and perhaps only good. To a large extent, our culture today is heavily epicureanPuritanism-Just as ancient and enduring, but it is not very evident in our culture today. It is the view that pleasure, especially bodily pleasures like eating, drinking, dancing, sports, and sex, is morally suspect, if not outright sinful in itselfCatholic realism-Affirms that pleasure is a good and necessary thing, created by god. God is happy when people enjoy good things. However, given the reality of original sin, we have the tendency to either make pleasure our god, becoming obsessed with it, or to see the trouble that comes from pleasure and reject it as evilWhat is unique about man?Man is made in the image and likeness of god, made directly for gods glory, and called to share in gods everlasting lifeWhat makes human life sacred?Man is sacred because he is made in the image of god and is willed for his own sakeWhat is the danger in seeing human life as possessing only a subjective value?The failure to recognize the human person as a son or daughter of god makes us extremely vulnerable to manipulation or actual destruction if the whims of society or convenience so dictateHow valuable is human life?The dignity of human life transcends the value of all material creationHow consistent is the church's teaching on abortion?The magisterium of the church has consistently proclaimed the grievously sinful nature of abortion throughout her historyWhy is in vitro fertilization a violation of the 5th commandment?Bc it requires the production and destruction of so called spare human embryosWhy is embryonic stem cell research immoral?It is a violation of the 5th commandment bc it requires the destruction of human embryosWhat are euthanasia and assisted suicide?They both omit an action that causes a persons death in order to eliminate their suffering; both violate the 5th commandmentWhen does a new person begin to exist ?he or she exists from the moment of conceptionWho is the most innocent and defenseless of all human persons?The unborn child who is developing in his or her mothers womb is most defenselessWhat does tradition teach about abortion?The church has always condemned abortion. The earliest written record is in the Didache, written before 80 ADWhat are 3 types of induced abortions?- eugenic abortion (performed bc of a malformation of the fetus) - therapeutic abortion (performed bc of a danger to maternal health) - psychological or psychosocial abortion (performed for psychological, economic, or social reasons)Is there any scientific basis for claiming the embryo or fetus is not a person?No. From the biological point of view, the fertilized egg in the womb is a completely new organism with its own, unique genetic code which in time will fully developWhat is the penalty for abortion according to Canon Law?It is automatic excommunication, the exclusion of the baptized person from the sacramental life of the church. This applies to the person performing the abortion, the mother, and all who cooperate in the actWhat is a common effect of abortion on the mother and others involved?They experience deep and long lasting emotional and psychological painWhat is in vitro fertilization?IVF is a medical technique that aims to allow women who cannot become pregnant through sexual intercourse to still have a baby. A woman is induced to produce a large number of ova that are then fertilized in a test tube or petri dish. One or more of the fertilized eggs is then inserted into the women's uterusWhat happened to the unused, fertilized eggs?They are frozen for the future IVF procedures, used for experimental purposes, or discardedWhy is the conception of human life in a lab setting a gravely sinful act?It violates the dignity of the conjugal union between husband and wifeHow does IVF violate the 5th commandment?Human life begins at conception, so each of the fertilized eggs is a human person. More embryos than necessary are "created" for the procedure. Some are destroyed right away bc they seem weaker or have defects. The rest are later destroyed or placed in a frozen stateDoes the Catholic Church oppose all forms of stem cell research?No, only embryonic stem cell research is opposed bc it kills an innocent personIs embryonic stem cell research necessary?Current research shows that non-embryonic stem cells are as effective as embryonic stem cellsWhat is the allure of stem cell research?Stem-cells may someday provide a cure for presently incurable conditions such as Parkinson's disease, juvenile diabetes, certain neuromuscular disorders, and spinal-cord injuriesWhat is euthanasia?From the Greek meaning "good death", it is an action or omission of an action that, by itself or by intention, causes a persons death in order to eliminate sufferingWhat is the connection between euthanasia and Nazi Germany?From 1939-1941, the nazi government euthanized 75,000-250,000 of its own citizens with mental and physical disabilities it deemed unfit for lifeWhere is euthanasia legal?The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and certain states in the USWhat is assisted suicide?It is any action or omission that assists another person in causing his or her own deathWhy is assisted suicide wrong?Suicide is morally wrong, and cooperation in suicide is also illicitWhat help can the cross give to people suffering from incapacitating and incurable illnesses?They can find consolation in uniting their sufferings with the sufferings of Christ on the crossWhat are the conditions for a just war?For a war to be morally just, it must fulfill the principles of self defense, last resort, ability of success, and proportionality. Also, the nation must never deliberately target non-combatantsWhat are the conditions for defending oneself and others against unjust aggression ?The act of self-defense, even though it may involve harm and injury to the assailant, is compatible with the Fifth Commandment. However, extreme measures can only be taken as a last resort when no other option is available.Who is responsible for deciding if a country should go to war?The decision belongs to the prudential judgement of those who have responsibility for the common goodWhat is the justification behind self- defense?The Fifth Commandment is about respecting and protecting innocent life. A person has a right to defend for herself against an unjust aggressor, even if it means injuring the assailantWhat is the limit to self defense?The defender may only use proportional means of force to defend himself and othersHow does the use of proportionate means to protect the common good apply to police and security agencies?The can't use disproportionate means against a violator of the lawWhat is the church's position on the death penalty?Although it is the right of the state to impose the death penalty, the church opposes it in most cases as unnecessary and a devaluation of human lifeWhat are the conditions for moral organ transplantation?Organ transplantation is permissible when the risks are proportional to the good to be achievedIs human cloning moral?Human cloning both therapeutic and reproductive, is gravely sinful and contrary to the moral law. It opposes the dignity of the conjugal union between husband and wife and the nature of human procreation and treats the person as a commodityWhat is capital punishment?It is an act of the legitimate authority of a state or nation to put a criminal to deathIs the use of the death penalty inherently wrong?No, the state has the right to decide to use the death penalty to protect others in societyWhat are the church's reasons for limiting the death penalty ?It often does not serve as a deterrent for others, and it may preclude the possibility of the conversion of the criminal. It may serve to perpetuate an impoverished view of the Value of human life in society that leads to capital crimes.Why must we give our human body respect?It is an essential part of the human persona and an instrument of salvation, sanctification, and evangelization. God greatly honored the human body by the incarnation of Jesus ChristHow would cloning- and how do in vitro fertilization and embryonic stem cell research - offend the dignity of the person?These practices reduce human beings to objects that can be manufactured and manipulated rather than treating them as a unique and irreplaceable creations of godWhy is direct sterilization wrong?It destroys a persons procreative abilityWhat is indirect sterilization?It is a living medical procedure in which the patient is sterilized as a secondary, unintended result of curing an illness or repairing an injuryUnder what conditions is organ transplantation moral?It is moral when both the donor and the recipient give informed consent and the physical and psychological dangers and risks are proportionate to the good soughtWhat is not permitted in connection with organ donation?It is wrong to bring about the disabling mutilation or death of the donor to save the life of anotherIs organ removal moral under certain circumstances?Surgery to remove an organ or limb to save the life of a seriously ill or injured person is morally licitA cult of the body?Getting excessive plastic surgery, tattoos, piercings, etc.