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when our mental activity undergoes a change in quality or pattern this is called

altered state of consciouness

the sleep-wake cycle is a BLANK rythm, normally occuring every 24 hours


the suprachiasmatic nucleus instructs the BLANK gland to release BLANK


Which of the following does NOT have a role in determining when we sleep?


which theory of why we sleep explains why we sleep when we do?

adaptive theory

in which stage of sleep is a person who is very hard to awaken?

stage four

which of the following is NOT a characteristic of REM sleep?

slower, deeper breathing

acting out your nightmares is a rare condition called

REM behavior disorder

in which disorder does breathing stop for nearly half a minute or more

Sleep apnea

which of the following is bad advice for someone suffering from insomnia

lie in bed until you fall asleep even if it takes several hours

nightmares occur in BLANK sleep, whereas night terrors occur in BLANK sleep.


in Freuds theory, the symbolic content of dreams is called BLANK

latent content

which dream theory states that dreams are simply the brians way of explaining random neural activity while sleeping?

activation-synthesis hypothesis

according to hobson and mcCarley, the BLANK area of the brian sends signals to the BLANK, creating what we interpret as dreams


the BLANK lobes "shut down" during dreaming, explaining the often bizarre nature of dreams


Shelia once had a dream in which she was trying to reach something important but couldnt. the harder she tried , the less she oculd move-it was like moving in molasses. This is most likely explained by BLANK.

REM paralysis

Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in inducing hypnosis

putting the person to sleep

the tendency to act as though your bahvior is out of your control and involuntary is called the

Basic suggestion effect

hypnosis has been successfully used to

reduce sensations of pain

in the BLANK theory of hypnosis, the person has a part of the mind that is not hypnotized and that is fully aware of the proceedings


what are two signs of physical dependency

drug tolerance and withdrawal

larger and larger doses of amphetamines can lead to severe mental disturbance and paranoia called

Amphetamine psychosis

which of the following is not one of the hree signs of cocaine abuse?


caffeine replaced BLANK in patent medicines and over the counter preparations in the early 1900s


the "date rape" drug, rohypnol, is one of the

minor tranquilizers

several of her firends suspect that marnie is using some sort of drug. She is very think, stays awake for long periods of time, and is often jittery, nervoud, and somewhat paranoid. If marnie is using a drug it is...

An amphetamine

all narcotics are derived from


this drug was first hailed as the new wonder drug because the impurities that supposedly cuased many of the addictive and unpleasant side effects of the previous version had been removed. In fact BLANK was even more addictive and deadly


which of the following hallucinogens is NOT a synthetically created drug


of the following which comes from the peyote cactus


which of the following is a long-term effect of marijuana use

lung cancer, asthma, immune system damage

which of the following statements aboutm arijuana is TRUE?

marijuana is not physically addictive

most of our time awake is spent in a state called BLANK, in which our thoughts, feelings, and sensations are clear organized, and we feel alert

waking conciouness

which of the following situations is NOT an altered state of conciouness

when you are concentrating on a math test

which of the following is NOT an example of circadian rhythm

menstrual cycle

when light begins to fade at the end of the day, the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the BLANK signlas the pineal gland to release BLANK


which of the following was not listed as one of the factors involved in the ability to go to sleep

body mass does not effect it; body temperature,serotonin levels, melatonin levels all effect it

the symptoms of sleep deprivation include all but which of the following

trembling hands,inability to concentrate, feeling of general discomfort; NOT hypnic Jerk

You hear about an accident that took place at 3:00 am the car was traveling along and then seemed to drift into the opposing lane of traffic, hittting an oncoming car head on. Give the early morning time, you suspect that the drier of the car that drifted over the center line most likely experienced a

microsleep episode

it might be best to say that adaptive theory explains BLANK, whereas resorative theory explains BLANK

when we sleep; why we need to sleep

what is the first staeg od sleep in which, if awakened, u will realize that you were alseep?

stage 2

sleep walking BLANK

is partly hereditary

night terrors

are more common in children

which of the following statements about REM sleep is FALSE

Lack of REM sleep produces psychological disorders;
the eyes move rapidly
most people report that they were dreaming if awakened
the body is aroused and the brain waves resemble waking beta waves

if you are in REM Sleep but areable to move around and act out your drea,s, you may have a rare condition called

REM bahvior disorder

if you suddenly and without warning slip ino REM sleep during the day, often faling down as you do so you may have the condition called


a sleep disorder that may require the use of a machinet force air gently into the nasal passages called

sleep apnea

randall tells his therapist that he has a dream about riding on a train that went through a tunnel. the therapist tells tandall that his dream was most likely about sexual intercourse, as the tunnel represents the womans vagina. randalls therapst is using the BLANK theory of dreams to explain randalls dreams


hypnosis has been shown to do all of the following BUT

regress people back to their early childhood experiences; induce amnesia, provide pain relief, alter sensory perceptions.

jackie used ecstacy while she was in college, but nowthat she has a govt job seh has avoided using any drugs. althought she had no problen quitting, she still finds that every now and then she gets a strong craving to use ecstacy again. her craving is most likely the result of

psychological dependence

which of the followingis NOT a naturally occuring substance

amphetamine; nicotine,caffeine, cocaine

which of the followingis Not a depressant

PCP; alchol, barbiturate,valium

alcohol actually BLANK the release of GABA, a neuotransmitter that inhibits may brain functions


BLANK was originally thought to be a more pure form of morphine, with fewer side effects


Magic mushrooms are the source of


high doses of marijuana can lead to

halluncinations and delusions

which of the following statements concering sleep deprivation is false?

driving after 17 to 19 withotu sleep is less dangerous than haing a blood alcohol level level of .05

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