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Articulate Synonyms


Articulate Antonyms

mumble, inarticulate

Begrudge Synonyms

resent, envy

Begrudge Antonyms

to give willingly

Façade Synonyms

deception, misrepresentation

Fanaticism Synonyms

. extremist

Fanaticism Antonyms


Formidable Synonyms

fearsome, frightening

Formidable Antonyms

harmless, unimportant

Frivolous Synonyms

playful, lighthearted

Frivolous Antonyms

serious, sober

Infallible Synonyms

.perfect, flawless

Infallible Antonyms

erroneous, fallacious

Oblique Antonyms


Ominous Synonyms

fateful, portentous

Ominous Antonyms

harmless; non-threatening

Placid Synonyms

serene, tranquil

Placid Antonyms


Propel Synonyms

push, force

Propel Antonyms

to hold back

Protrusion Synonyms


Protrusion Antonyms


Revere Synonyms

adore, venerate, worship

Revere Antonyms

to despise

Succinct Synonyms

concise, pithy

Succinct Antonyms

frequently digressing

Tranquil Synonyms

placid, serene

Tranquil Antonyms


Tentative Synonyms

cautious, timid

Tentative Antonyms


Vivid Synonyms


Vivid Antonyms


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