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European Exploration

La Salle
This person claimed the Mississippi River Valley
This person explored the Southwest
This person established the settlement of Quebec
La Salle and Champlain
Name two French explorers
Spanish explorer
English explorer
gold, resources, and trade
Economic motivations for exploration
spreading Christianity
Religious motivation for exploration
A lot of land owned by one country
goods and ideas
An accomplishment of exploration was the exchange of these
navigational tools and ships
An accomplishment of exploration was the improvement of these
another word for land that was claimed
navigational tools
Instruments that help sailors figure out where to go (like a compass)
Something that gets in the way or makes a task more difficult
The reason why something gets done
West Africa
Explored by the Portuguese
fur trading posts
Established by French explorers in the New World
Which European group conquered and enslaved Native Americans?
Which European group established trading posts and spread Christianity?
French and Spanish
Which two European groups spread Christianity to Native Americans?
Which European group claimed ownership of land and settled on it?
English and French
Which two groups traded with the American Indians?
American Indians
Which group taught farming techniques to the European settlers?
Ghana, Mali, and Songhai
Which three empires dominated West Africa from 300-1600 AD?
300-1600 AD
During these years, Ghana, Mali, and Songhai dominated West Africa.
manufactured goods
The West Africans traded gold and salt for these.
Explorers from this country traded with West Africa.
Gulf of Mexico
This body of water made it possible for France and Spain to explore the interior of the Americas.
Which European group learned farming techniques from the American Indians?
Niger River
The empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were located near this river.
This explorer claimed eastern Canada.
Mississippi River Valley
Claimed by Robert La Salle
Claimed by Francisco Coronado
Established by Samuel de Champlain
Eastern Canada
Explored by John Cabot
Atlantic Ocean
This body of water served as a highway for explorers.
St. Lawrence River
This body of water connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.
Pacific Ocean
This body of water was an early exploration destination.