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The important people, ideas, and events of the Renaissnce.

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Means "rebirth"/started in Italy/focused on ancient Roman ideas and culture - art, architecture, science, math. Time of renewed interest and advancements in science, art, and education from the 1300's to the 1600's.
Printing Press
Developed around 1441 by Johann Gutenberg, this machine allowed books to be made easier and cheaper which led to more reading and writing and education.
Literacy - reading & writing
Due to the printing press, information spread and this drastically increased in society
Leonardo Da Vinci
Italian inventor, painter, sculptor, engineer, scientist, and architect; the ideal "Renaissance Man." Painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.
The Last Supper
Famous Renaissance painting by Leonardo Da Vinci of Jesus and the Twelve Disciples from the Christian New Testament Bible.
Mona Lisa
Famous Renaissance painting by Leonardo Da Vinci of a European woman.
(1475-1564) An Italian sculptor, painter, poet, engineer, and architect. Famous works include the mural on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and his statue of David.
The Creation of Adam
Famous painting by Michelangelo of the biblical story of the beginning of man.
Famous statue by Michelangelo of the Biblical character who defeated Goliath and became a Jewish King.
Martin Luther
A German monk who tried to change the Catholic Church and eventually left the Catholic Church to start his own Protestant Christian Church.
People who left the Catholic Church to start their own Christian churches and communities.
Some Christians tried to change, or reform, the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. This time period is called the ___________________.
English writer and playwright famous for penning such classics as Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet.
Greece and Rome
The Renaissance was considered a rebirth of learning and culture from these two classical western civilizations.
This economic activity led to the sharing of culture among the civilizations of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (India and China).
Italy's leading cultural center during Renaissance; important for trade and commerce;dominated by Medici's
Italian writer and political advisor who wrote "The Prince"/ believed that it was better to be feared than loved
Renaissance Man
Someone who is well-educated, artistic, inventive; someone who can do almost anything
An intellectual movement that that focused on humans and their values, capacities, and worth AND promoted direct study of the literature, art, and civilization of classical Greece and Rome.
attitudes or beliefs not based on religion
people who buy and sell goods
Gutenberg Bible
The first full-sized book printed with movable type in 1455
Desiderius Erasmus
Christian humanist from Holland in early 1500s who often poked fun at mankind and also believed that society would improve if people studied the bible
one who financial supports artists
Isabella d'Este
She is considered the First Woman of the Renaissance because of her role as a patron and political skills
Renaissance painters used this technique - which shows three dimensions on a flat surface
Many Renaissance writers chose to write in their own native languages (such as Italian) rather than Latin. Writing in your own language was considered writing in the ______________________________.
fox and lion
The two animals Machiavelli encouraged politicians to act like in order to acquire and maintain power
plague, end of Hundred Years War (1453), French invaded Naples in 1494
why did Renaissance not spread to Northern Europe until the late 1400s?
Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople
What happened to Constantinople in 1453?
Virginia, known as Virgin Queen
What US state was named after Queen Elizabeth I and why?
a city that with its surrounding territory forms an independent state.
Italian city-state was the birthplace of the Renaissance.
Medici Family
rich banking family in Florence that controlled the government and had a major influence
idea to paint and sculpt subjects like they would in real life.
vanishing point
another name for the "horizon" on a painting

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