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THE ACRONYM FIXation Ammonia Nitrification Nitrite/Nitrate Assimilation Proteins Ammonification Ammonium Dentrification Nitrogen

Abiotic Fixation

N₂ → NO
Nitrogen Gas → Nitrogen Monoxide
NO₂ → HNO₃
Nitrite → Nitric Acid
Lightning and Cosmic Radiation

Biotic Fixation

N₂ → NH₃
Nitrogen Gas → Ammonia

Soil Micro-organisms- Rhizobium bacteria and Legumes


NH₃ → NO₂⁻ → NO₃⁻
Ammonia → Nitrite → Nitrate

Micro-organisms- Nitrosomas (NO₂⁻) and Nitrobacter (NO₃⁻)


Nitrates to plant roots and then to other plants

Plants through root hairs


Nitrogenous waste and organic matter into inorganic ammonia

Decomposing micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi


Nitrates to gaseous nitrogen and lost to atmosphere

Facultative anaerobes

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