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Nursing 105 (test)

Test for Nursing
What are the two leading "upstream" causes of premature death in the US (other than tobacco)?
Lack of physical activity and poor diet.
Since the medical model is the dominant model of care for the US health care system, which ONE of the following is a result?
A main focus of care is to diagnose and treat disease.
Which ONE has the least influence on national health outcomes?
Medical care
Which of the following describe aspects or assumptions of market justice? (choose all that apply)
-People should earn what they have.
-Health care will work best with minimum interference from the federal government.
Which of the following describe aspects of assumptions of social justice. (choose all that apply)
-Shared responsibilty for health.
-Health care is a social good.
-Supply-side rationing.
Which of the following are characteristics of the U.S. Health Care System? (select all that apply):
-Medicare is available to persons who have contributed taxes through employment
-Many citizens receive care through employer-based health care plans
-Many employed citizens have no health care coverage
Which of the following explain why the U.S. health care system is an imperfect market? (check all that apply)
-Those with health insurance do not directly pay for the services they use.
-People use services covered by their insurance.
-In some areas of the country there is no competition among providers.
Which of the following describe our current health care system? (check all that apply)
-Government insurance programs provide access to care for vulnerable populations.
-The private sector has a dominant role.
Which of the following are true about health insurance? (select all that are true)
-Currently, employers cover a larger share of health insurance costs than the government.
-Risk can be predicted for groups of people.
Under a prospective reimbursement method, the amount reimbursed is based on (choose the best answer)
Pre-established criteria
According to "Medicaid at a Glance", which of the following describe Medicaid? (select all that apply)
-Covers nursing home care for the elderly.
-Eligibility is based on income.
What was the main factor that led to the development of integrated health networks? (Select best answer)
Growth of managed care.
How did CareMore differ from typical managed care plans? (select all that apply)
-CareMore had a stronger emphasis on patient outcomes.
-CareMore had a stronger emphasis on detecting and treating problems early.
Which of the following are true about a prospective utilization review? (select all that apply)
-Authorizing the use of some services is based on medical need.
-Clinical guidelines is a method used to determine which services are appropriate.
-Providers may need to have some services authorized before they prescribe that service for a patient.
Managed care is available though
Medicare, Medicaid, and employment in a job that covers health care.
Which of following are used in Managed Care Plans to decrease costs? (select all that apply)
-Primary care providers refer patients to specialty care based on need.
-Paying providers a set fee for each patient in the Managed Care Plan.
-Charging more for out of network providers.
What triggered the downsizing phase in the U.S. hospital industry during the 1980's?
Prospective payment system
Which one of the following is NOT a domain of primary care?
Direct access to specialist of patient's choice.
Which ONE of the following was a factor that led to the downsizing of hospitals in the 1990s?
An increase in managed care.
All of the following increased the scope of outpatient services EXCEPT: (select the ONE answer that did not increase the scope of outpatient services)

(hint - an example of increasing the scope of services is to include some outpatient surgical procedures)
Increased number of primary care physicians.
Which of the following are true about the VA health care system. (select ALL that apply)
-According to measures of health care quality, the VA provides better care than other high ranking health systems.
-The VA is a leader in the effective use of information technology.
Which ONE of the following is FALSE?
States have very little power in regulating the health care system.
Under the Affordable Care Act, which of the following are generally TRUE about changes to private insurance? (select ALL that are generally true)
-Young adults can be on their parents' plan up to age 26.
-Legal residents of the US cannot be denied insurance coverage.
-Insurance plans cannot require cost sharing for preventive services.
-Insurance plans will need to provide a minimum set of services.
Which of the following are TRUE about Health Insurance Marketplaces as described in the Summary of the Coverage Provisions in the Affordable Care Act? (select ALL that are true)
-Insurance plans offered on a Health Insurance Marketplace must have a range of premiums and out-of-pocket costs.
-Insurance plans provided through the Health Benefit Exchange are required to meet minimum standards.
-Information will be provided for each health insurance plan that is offered on the Health Insurance Marketplace.
According to the Affordable Care Act, which ONE of the following statements is FALSE?
All US citizens must have insurance or they will have to pay a penalty.
Which ONE of the following is a principle feature of US health policy, according to Shi and Singh?
Most government spending is for vulnerable populations.
According to Five Facts About the Uninsured (2012), about what percent of the uninsured (people with no insurance) are in a working family?
about 80%
Some groups of people tend to have less access to health care than others. Which one of these is NOT one of these groups?
According to Five Facts About the Uninsured (2012), when the uninsured use health care services, their bill for health care services is often
higher than individuals who have an insurance plan.
According to Five Facts About the Uninsured (2012), which of the following are reasons for an increase in the number of uninsured?
-The high cost of employee contributions for insurance offered by employers.
-Higher rates of unemployment.
-Employment in jobs that do not offer health care insured.
According to Five Facts About the Uninsured (2012), which of the following are TRUE regarding health care services and the uninsured?
-Health care reform will increase coverage of preventive services.
-The uninsured receive less preventive care than the insured.
-About 25% of the uninsured go without needed care due to cost.
Several strategies are used to increase access to health care for poor people in Thailand. Which ONE of the following is NOT a strategy used in Thailand.
More specialty clinics in urban areas
Which of the following is TRUE about Japan's health care system? (BEST ANSWER)
Easy access to care has decreased the quality of care.
In Japan several strategies are used to control health care costs. Which ONE of the following does NOT control costs in Japan?:
Using gatekeepers to limit access to specialists.
Which ONE of the following is FALSE about health care in the United Kingdom? (Best Answer)
Many people are insured by their employers.
According to the charts comparing health care systems for different countries which ONE of the following is TRUE?
a)Countries with universal coverage spend a larger proportion of government revenue on health care than those without universal coverage.

b)None of these are true.

c) Countries with more per capita spending on health care have a longer life expectancy.

d) When employers paid for a substantial amount of health care, government programs provided health care access to all citizens.