Chapters 7 and 8

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Examples of Uniform Resource Identifiers include ______
URLs, Social Security #'s, and ISBN's
A(n) _____ is a client software that displays the Web page elements and handles links between pages.
in the URL, http is the
Web Protocol Standard
in the URL, .htm is the
File Extension
in the URL, showbiz is the
folder name
in the URL, is the
Web server name
Which of the following is a Web resource?
An HTML document, a sound file, or a graphic
For HTTP, ______ usually are associated with port 80 on the client server.
____ is a protocol that works in conjunction with TCP/IP to get Web resources to your desktop.
When your browser fetches pages and graphics to form a Web page, it stores them in temporary files on your hard drive called a Web ______
______ enables a Web server to keep track of your activity and compile a list of your purchases
A Web ____, automated to methodically visit Web sites, can be programmed to perform various activities as it visits those sites.
Both SSL and it successor, _____, are protocols that encrypt data traveling between a client computer and an HTTP server.
To use local e-mail you must install e-mail _____ software on your computer
webmail allows you to use a(n) ____ to access and view your e-mail messages
_____ may pose a threat to your computer's security and/or your privacy.
Flash cookies, ad-serving cookies, web bugs
____ software is a type of security software designed to identify and neutralize Web bugs, ad-serving cookies, and other types of malware.
the audio CD's you buy at your favorite music store are recorded at a sampling rate of ___
44.1 kHz
A ___ graphic is composed of a grid of dots
the size of the file that holds the bitmap depends on its resolution and _____
color depth
A resolution of 1600x1200 could also be expressed as _____ megapixels
when a bitmap graphic is enlarged, it still retains its original ______
Which of the following formats does not offer lossless compression?
a ____ graphic consists of a set of instructions for re-creating a picture
The email protocol that is used to send mail to a mail server is:
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol