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Skull Articulations

Frontal Bone (12)
MS ENZ LP: articulates with 12 bones: maxilla (2), sphenoid, ethmoid, nasal (2), zygomatic (2), lacrimal (2), parietal (2)
Temporal Bone (5)
MS POZ: articulates with 5 bones: mandible, sphenoid, parietal, occipital, zygomatic.
Sphenoid Bone (14)
VP FEMZ TOP: articulates with 14 bones: the vomer, ethmoid, frontal, and occipital, parietal (2), temporal (2), zygomatic (2), maxilla (2) and palatine (2).
Ethmoid Bone (13)
PLVM FINS: articulates with 13 bones: palatine (2), lacrimal (2), vomer, maxilla (2) frontal, inferior nasal concha (2), nasal (2), sphenoid
Nasal Bone (4)
FEMN: articulates with 4 bones: the frontal and ethmoid, maxilla, the opposite nasal
Maxilla Bone (10)
MAX FLIPS VENMZ: articulates with 10 bones: frontal, lacrimal, inferior nasal concha, palatine, sphenoid, vomer, ethmoid, nasal, maxilla, zygomatic
Lacrimal Bone (4)
FEMI: articulates with 4 bones: the frontal, ethmoid, maxilla and inferior nasal concha.
Zygomatic Bone (4)
FST Max: articulates with 4 bones: the frontal, sphenoidal, temporal, and maxilla.
Palatine Bone (6)
SEMI VP: articulates with 6 bones: the sphenoid, ethmoid, maxilla, inferior nasal concha, vomer, and opposite palatine
Inferior Nasal Concha Bone (4)
PLEM articulates with 4 bones: the palatine, lacrimal, ethmoid, maxilla
Vomer Bone (6)
V SEMP: articulates with 6 bones: the sphenoid, ethmoid, maxilla (2) and palatine (2)
Mandible Bone (2)
MT2: articulates with the 2 temporal bones
Occipital Bone (6)
OX TAPS: articulates with 6 bones: temporal (2), atlas, parietal (2), sphenoid
Parietal Bone (5)
Party F STOP: articulates with 5 bones: frontal, sphenoid, temporal, occipital, other parietal
Does not articulate with any other bones
Eye Orbit (7)
ESP FLMZ: (5) Ethmoid, sphenoid, palatine, frontal, lacrimal, maxilla, zygomatic