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  1. T/F? A release does not require consideration to be legally binding.
  2. The mirror image rule requires an acceptance to adhere exactly to an offer to create a contract.
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  1. inside a box in which goods are packaged.
  2. not enforce it
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  1. T/F? An illusory promise is unenforceable.T


  2. Holiday Sales Company and Global Distributors, Inc., enter into a contract for the delivery of imported specialty goods. Until the goods are delivered and paid for, these parties havean executory contract.


  3. Green Grocers, Inc., enters into a contract with Hiway Transport Company for the delivery of a shipment of fresh produce. In a later dispute between these parties over the delivery, the doctrine of quasi contract cannot be used becausereasonably clear.


  4. T/F? A lottery is an example of an offer for a unilateral contract.T


  5. May tries to start her new car with no success. She yells that she will sell the car to anyone for $10. Nick, a passerby who owns Nick's Pre-owned Autos, hands May $10. This isnot a valid acceptance because may does not seriously intend to sell