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  1. Green Grocers, Inc., enters into a contract with Hiway Transport Company for the delivery of a shipment of fresh produce. In a later dispute between these parties over the delivery, the doctrine of quasi contract cannot be used because
  2. Livewire Company and McCoy's Candy, Inc., sign a document that states Livewire agrees to design a Web page for McCoy's, which agrees to pay for the service. This is
  3. T/F? An executed contract is one that has been fully performed by both parties.
  4. Kingston promises to pay Melina $500 to install a sump pump in his warehouse. Melina completes the installation. The act of installing the pump
  1. a there is an actual contract covering the subject in dispute.
  2. b is the consideration that creates Kingston's obligations to pay Melina
  3. c an express contract
  4. d T

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  1. F
  2. F
  3. F
  4. the objective theory of contracts.
  5. provisions specifying the remedies if the contract is breached.

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  1. T/F? Browse-wrap terms are arguably not enforceable.True


  2. An illusory promise is unenforceable.T


  3. Deb buys a song through eSongs, an online music vendor. Before completing the purchase and downloading the song, Deb must agree to a provision stating that she will not make and sell copies of the song. This provision isFalse


  4. T/F? A forum-selection clause indicates the forum, or location, for the delivery of goods purchased online.F


  5. Jonathon promises to pay child support and alimony to his ex-wife every month after their divorce. Jonathon hasboth a legal and a moral obligation to keep his promise