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  1. If a contractual promise is not fulfilled, the person who made it may be required to perform the promised act.
  2. Livewire Company and McCoy's Candy, Inc., sign a document that states Livewire agrees to design a Web page for McCoy's, which agrees to pay for the service. This is
  3. T/F? An offer does not need to be communicated to the offeree to become effective.
  1. a T
  2. b F
  3. c an express contract

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  2. T
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  1. Mariah promises to pay her assistant Nadine $10,000 in consideration of the services she provided over the years. Mariah never pays Nadine. Mariah isnot liable, because the consideration is in the past


  2. T/F? A contract is valid only if both of the parties entering into it have the capacity to do so.F


  3. Pastry Dough, Inc., sends its catalogue to Octavio and includes a "personalized" letter inviting him to buy any item in it at the advertised price. This isT


  4. Rollo promises to perform, for a price, shoe repair services in affiliation with Togs 'n Things, a clothing store. To support a contract, the consideration exchanged by the parties must beinside a box in which goods are packaged.


  5. T/F? The only requirement for a valid contract is that the parties voluntarily entered into it.T