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  1. Livewire Company and McCoy's Candy, Inc., sign a document that states Livewire agrees to design a Web page for McCoy's, which agrees to pay for the service. This is
  2. T/F? A forum-selection clause indicates the forum, or location, for the delivery of goods purchased online.
  3. T/F? A lottery is an example of an offer for a unilateral contract.
  4. Deb buys a song through eSongs, an online music vendor. Before completing the purchase and downloading the song, Deb must agree to a provision stating that she will not make and sell copies of the song. This provision is
  5. Quality Sales Corporation enters into contracts over the Internet. Quality can protect itself against disputes involving these contracts by making important terms
  1. a T
  2. b reasonably clear.
  3. c an express contract
  4. d F
  5. e a click-on agreement

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  1. promise
  2. T
  3. T
  4. F
  5. legally sufficient

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  1. Jared downloads some video games from the Internet. There is a page indicating the terms of use, but nothing that requires Jared to affirmatively indicate his consent before downloading the games. These terms areF


  2. T/F? If an offeror does not expressly specify a certain mode of acceptance, then acceptance can be made by any reasonable means.F


  3. Sparky offers Teodora $1,000 for her collection of rare coins. She accepts. If a dispute arises, a court would likelyT


  4. T/F? For an offer to be effective, the offeror must have a serious intention to become bound by the offer.F


  5. Over the Internet, Red & White Contractors, Inc., arranges to lease storage space from Blue Services Company. To complete the deal, Red & White clicks on a button that says, in reference to certain terms, "I agree." Most likely, the parties haveF