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Vocabulary review for Mrs. Hudson's Science Class

Bone Marrow

A connective tissue that produces red and white blood cells.


A place where bones meet and are attached to each otehr and to muscles.


Tough bands of connective tissue that attach muscles to bones.


One of the bands of connective tissue that hold a skeleton together.


A specialized cell that can receive information and transmit it to other cells.


Nerve cells that detect conditions in the body's environment.

Connective Tissues

What kinds of tissue are bones made of?

Why must voluntary muscles work in pairs?

Muscles can only contract. One set of muscles bands a joint another contracts.

What are nerves?

A cluster of neurons that stretch between the central nervous system

What is produced in bone marrow?

Red and white blood cells.

What functions do ligaments perform?

they hold the skeleton together.

What kinds of muscles move food through the digestive system?

Smooth muscles.

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