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Exciting Emotions through connecting to the audience's needs


Establishing the writer/ speaker's credibility


Satisfying the audience's reason through proof-logical appeal

Example of Pathos

My father's love truly does live on. Through my mother, sister, and me, his love continues through our words and actions. The people my dad touched during his life also carry on his love. But even more tangibly, there are four strangers who are now aware of my father's immense spirit of love. For my father, the display of love did not cease when his heart did. His love continues to this day in the very lives of four strangers: the recipients of my dad's heart, live, kidneys, and pancreas. (example of....)

Example of Ethos

According to Dr. Hubert Blackstone, M.D. from Harvard University, organ donation is key to saving many lives. (example of...)

Example of Logos

In the year 2000, 22,953 transplants were performed in the United States. These organs were harvested from 5984 donors. However, more people still wait desperately for the gift of life. As of November 2, 2001, there were 78,802 people nationwide waiting for organs (example of...)

Charged Words

Words that are likely to produce a strong emotion


Reference to well-known person, place event, literary work, or another work of art.


Repetion of grammatical structure

Example of Charged Words


Examples of Allusion

"Some wonder if the war in Iraq is becoming Vietnam"

Example of Parralism

"I saw...I came...I conquered."

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