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  1. melatonin receptor agonist; for difficulty falling asleep
  2. anti-anxiety drug and CNS depressant; rapidly produces feeling of calm and relieves anxiety without impaired mental status; can be coadministered with narcotic to control pain and minimize narcotic nausea
  3. atypical antidepressant; causes significant sedation as an adverse effect; commonly used for sleep now
  4. phenobarbitol, secobarbitol; these are old drugs that are highly habit forming although they are effective in short term treatment of insomnia

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  1. zaleplonmelatonin receptor agonist; for difficulty falling asleep


  2. zolpidemsonata; sedative for sleep for up to 28 days, non benzo; can lead to dependency and rebound insomnia


  3. chloral hydratenonbarbituate hypnotic used to sedate and induce sleep; has adverse CNS effects


  4. sleep stagesI. light sleep, muscles relax, brain waves are irregular and rapid; II. brain waves are larger than in stage 1, with bursts of electrical activity; III and IV. deep sleep, with even larger, slower brain waves called delta waves