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thomas beaumont

Which of the following does Article III establish?

the Supreme Court

In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court first claim the right of judicial review?

Marbury v. Madison

Which of the following represents the federal government in the Supreme Court?

solicitor general

The authority to be the first court to hear a case is which type of jurisdiction?


The ruling in which of the following cases struck down state-mandated segregation in public schools?

Brown v. Board of Education

Proponents of which of the following believe that judges should use their power broadly to further justice?

judicial activism

Through the power of __________, judges interpret and, when necessary, overturn actions taken by the legislative and executive branches of government.

judicial review

Alexander Hamilton believed that the judiciary would be the ____________ branch.

least dangerous

Which of the following is within the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court?

controversies between the states

Which of the following is considered to be one of the judiciary's most important powers?

interpreting the Constitution

In court rulings, reliance on past decisions to formulate decisions in new cases is known as which of the following?

stare decisis

What type of law governs relationships between individuals and defines their legal rights?


The Fourteenth Amendment attempted to guarantee which of the following to former slaves?

citizenship rights

When did women win the guaranteed right to vote?

decades after black males won the right to vote

Which amendment to the Constitution guarantees all American women the right to vote?


In Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978), the Supreme Court determined that __________ were unconstitutional.

racial quotas

what did the Supreme Court determine was unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education?

segregation of schools

What is executive privilege?

the right to keep communications confidential to the presidency

According to the Constitution, how is the president supposed to be elected?

election through the Electoral College

Which presidential power gives the president the ability to control what happens inside departments and agencies during their terms and to shape the federal judiciary far into the future?


Presidents with high levels of __________ have an easier time influencing Congress, while those with low levels find influencing Congress more difficult.

public approval

Which of the following statements best characterizes the nature of the conflict between presidents and Congress?

The conflict is integral to the design of the Constitution, deliberately intended by the authors of the constitution.

Which of the following leadership abilities is critical to presidential success?

the ability to persuade members of Congress and the American public

Congress has the sole authority to declare war. True or False?


If Barack Obama wants to disapprove individual items within a spending bill rather than the bill in its entirety, he can use the line-item veto. True or False?


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